Many of you will be enjoying the long-awaited vacation. But at other times the beneficial effects of vacation. You can respond with benefits that can be masked by post-vacation syndrome and our key to a better return to work.

Holidays allow you to recover from your daily work demands and health consequences. Of course, only if you eliminate these stressful activities and reduce social demands. Do you have it now; it only takes a few weeks. Get used to your daily routine again.

Post-Vacation Syndrome

Despite our aspirations for vacations and how beneficial they are in general, the benefits are undeniable. Side effects and that the return of the same is not the same for everyone and can be painful for some people. It’s what we know as post-holiday syndrome.

Post-vacation syndrome is associated with: Anxiety process, usually irritability and malaise. These negative effects usually go away in the first few weeks when they are re-integrated into daily life, but in some cases they last longer. And here the real problem appears. And not all of us recover at the same rate. Time will depend on both our emotional health and the pressures we endure at work.

Can we do something to reduce these negative impacts? Post-holiday syndrome is complex, but there are several. Tips that can help us to achieve a better return to work, today we share them with you. Write it down!

The key to a smooth return to work

What are the keys to lessening these negative impacts and a better return to work? Most importantly, observe the transition period without a doubt. Yes, I go home on Sunday and have nothing to go to work on Monday. Take your time! The vacation is short and we want to make the most of it, but if the return affects us, wouldn’t it be ideal to take care of ourselves a little bit?

We have already developed one of the keys. For a smoother ride, however, there is more. Some are very logical and easy to do. The other simplifies even more difficulties because it doesn’t always depend on us. Write it down!

  • Come back at least two days before your vacation places. I know you want to make the most of your time, but allow a few days of conversion if your earnings are negatively affecting you.
  • Use those days to get back to your family routine, schedules and activities that take up the rest of the year. With a smooth routine that helps you seamlessly integrate it into your daily rhythm, except that you don’t have to go to work yet.
  • If your sleep rhythm changes as usual during the holidays, start over. It can be done during sleep schedules and routines and work.
  • Don’t ask for 100% from the first day of work. Yes, we know that this is not always up to you. But sometimes we are the ones who punish ourselves the most. Avoid it!
  • How did you feel before the holidays? Try within the possibilities of regulating your activity by setting: Realistic goals for both external and internal work. Don’t make the mistake of being too tired or overwhelmed before your vacation because you want to shoulder too much.
  • Reserve a few hours for yourself. Practice your physical activity, do your favorite activity, or just relax with a cup of coffee without thinking.

Want to smooth out your return from vacation? Do you want a better return to work? Now we have some keys to start working with. And don’t worry about being late this year. You can apply this tip after your next vacation. They are still valid!

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