We always say that our skin needs moisture. We get the idea that we always leave it in the air, and every centimeter needs a little moisture. We’re not on the wrong track, but it is true that some parts of the body need more water than others. So, let’s not miss out on what we’re going to talk about today.

I’m sure every day I apply moisturizer after showering. So the body and face are usually the best parts. But sometimes we overlook other areas or don’t attach the necessary importance. For this reason, from now on, your daily routine will no longer be general, but will become more specific. To find out!

Which parts of the body need to be hydrated? That Neck

In general, we always consider the face and sometimes the neck or neckline. But these last two are also really important. Because we already know that time will give us up in it too. Other than that, you need more hydration to prevent premature wrinkles from forming. . This is because different wrinkles appear on this part of the body depending on movement and posture. You can choose a cream with moisturizing ingredients as well as elasticity. On the other hand, there are serums that redefine contours, provide more luminosity and leave smoother, wrinkle-free areas.

Elbow and Knee

It should also be mentioned that every time we pour moisturizer on our arms, our elbows don’t get noticed. Well, they need it and probably more than the rest of the skin in this area. Because let’s say they have greater ‘wear’ because they are support areas. . Therefore, the skin tends to become dehydrated and take on a dark color that we seldom like. The knee is also prone to dryness, so it goes through a similar process. So, if you don’t exfoliate and moisturize, it can be as dark as your elbow. So, bet on your moisturizer and don’t forget to apply it every day. Remember, exfoliation comes once a week.


They are people who deal with any kind of product, object or food. Therefore, they also require special attention. Moisturizing our hands is something we will never forget. Yes, it is fine to do it morning and evening; we can also apply a little cream in the middle. In this way we will prevent them from drying out or getting irritable, which are issues we sometimes have to deal with.


It is also a sensitive area of ​​skin, and usually suffers a lot from this weight gain, such as during pregnancy. Or simply over the years. So we need to focus too. We will apply a moisturizing cream to make it more firms. So we need to provide all the moisture we can, while at the same time providing enough vitamins for an area like this to have to remodel itself.


Hands are important in areas of the body that need to be hydrated, but feet are not. This is because with adequate hydration, the skin becomes suppler and can be taken care of. It is an area that always considers weight, shoes, and lack of breathability, so it requires careful management. A hot water bath, exfoliation and hydration are the basic steps. For them. Because skin is thicker than other parts of the body, not all creams can penetrate the same way, so it’s best to look for a specific cream.

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