Mirrors are also very practical in the bedroom as a decorative element. A must if you want to see the look you choose to go to work or enjoy your afternoon leisure time!

Putting the practical aspects aside and going back to simple decorations, mirrors are possible. It visually expands the bedroom thanks to its ability to reflect light. So why not take advantage of this feature for space? There are many different types of mirrors to decorate the bedroom. Know the pros and cons of each type, place and choose the most common!

Standing mirror

Standing mirrors are usually based on which they rest. So no installation of any kind is required. There is no need to drill a hole in the wall for installation and you can enjoy all the advantages of this decorative and functional element in any location.

Among the mirror types proposed today, the standing mirror is the most decorative due to its design and volume. You can also see yourself from head to toe, most of them about 180 cm high and adjustable in various widths.

There are so many different designs available, so you certainly won’t spend money finding one that fits the aesthetics of the bedroom you want to put it in. Whether your bedroom is modern, minimalist, rustic or vintage style, you can find a mirror.

  • What I like: They are incredibly decorative, require no installation and can see themselves from head to toe.
  • Against: They can be obstacles in very small spaces lying on the floor.
  • Where do you put it? In the corner you can sit comfortably next to a chair and put your shoes on.

Whole Body Mirror

A full-length mirror, such as a standing one, allows you to check yourself before you go out. However, unlike these, they require installation. To avoid fear and take advantage of it, you need to anchor it to the wall. It can be supported, but it can be unstable and the angle and height placed in this way may not fully reflect the image.

If you have a small bedroom, then among the types of mirrors this will be your best ally. There are no obstacles in the room. Not only does the floor look clean, but it also provides a large surface for light to bounce off of. They also come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. You will be amazed!

  • Favorite: They are visually lightweight, unobtrusive and can be seen from head to toe.
  • Against: Requires installation.
  • Where do you put it? On one or both sides of the bed or next to the vanity at the entrance to the bedroom.

Wall Mirror

These are wall mirrors like the previous ones, but smaller in size. From these you can’t see your entire body, but you can see which necklaces and earrings are in place. Touch your hair and makeup. They are still very useful.

Wall mirrors currently take many forms, but round mirrors are the most popular and in demand. These will bring a lot of personality to the bedroom, placed in the chest of drawers in front of the bed or on each side table. They stay in overall trend and have no problem finding one that matches the other furniture and objects in the room.

  • Favorite: They are visually light and contribute to decorating the walls.
  • Against: You cannot see your own whole body in it. If there is a full-length mirror in the hallway, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Where do you put it? Chest of drawers, bedside table or entrance to the room.


A mirror is more than just a decorative element. Don’t hesitate to incorporate a mirror into your bedroom! Which of these types of mirrors would you choose a priori?

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