Yellow chairs give your dining room a bold look

Yellow chairs give your dining room a bold look

Is your restaurant boring? Do you want to make a bold touch, but are you worried that it will be too much? Color is a fantastic tool to transform a room. For example, a yellow chairs will instantly give you a bold and funny character to everyone who visits you.

You can replace your old chair with yellow, but you can also paint or upholster it in this color. If you’re not afraid of DIY projects, they can be a great way to take a vacation and update your home at the same time. The question is, do you dare the yellow chairs in the dining room?

There are many ways to integrate this element into a restaurant and make it work.

Nordic style dining room

White walls, light hardwood floors and their matching table make an ideal set to add a contemporary style yellow chair. And not all chairs have to be yellow. The idea of ​​placing a white bench or soft gray tones on one side of the table seems practical for a very attractive family.

When it comes to the type of chair, the Eames plastic armchair seems like a safe choice to decorate this type of space. Designed in plastic by Charles and Ray Eames in 1950, this chair is an off-road chair and you can also find a variety of bases. Our favorite is the wooden one, but the black metal one will not crash at all in the dining room as in the image.

In a rustic restaurant

Yellow chairs are also fantastic in a rustic dining room. And not only do these perfectly combine with natural wooden tables in dark tones, which usually decorate the dining room in this style, but stand out next to it.

To enhance the rustic style, some wooden chairs may be best for decorating the dining room. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to get one. Buy used and paint yourself. Get advice on the materials and paints you need at the hardware store and enjoy this new project!

In the fancy dining room

Looking for a more daring offer? Hard to find? The yellow chairs already symbolize rebellion in the dining room, but incorporating elements of different colors will help make this space special. A more risky proposition, but whoever doesn’t take the risk doesn’t win!

Look at the first image. A white table and yellow chairs provide the perfect canvas. Pink color main dining room on the wall. And like pink, you can choose mint green or turquoise.

Don’t you dare paint the walls in such a color? Doesn’t it go well with other decorations? Then incorporate a bench or chair in a different color that contrasts with yellow. Or put a very dark tone floor, to make the chair stand out. We love the black and white patterned flooring in the image on the right, but we know it’s not for everyone.