Going camping for the first time this summer? If you decide to go camping for a vacation or part of your vacation, here are some tips to keep in mind. These are the basic tips of camping to ensure a better experience.

Pre-documenting information about your destination, keeping warm clothes in your backpack and not forgetting insect repellent are some of these tips. You may have already thought about them, but it never hurts to remember them to travel safely.

Document the place, Camping

Learning about the location and seeing if camping is allowed is a great way to start planning your trip. Knowing them and the services they provide the first question to answer at campgrounds is usually where you can leave your car or how long it will take you to walk from the nearest station, its obligations and restrictions.

Find weather conditions deciding on a destination on the dates you want to travel is another must-do task, but it has special relevance when it comes to camping. The weather will give you information about the floor and help you choose the right clothes if you want to choose a mattress.

Depending on your destination, it can also be important to know. What fauna live in? This way, you know how to behave when you encounter food, and you can protect your food from odors and attracting attention.

Gather Basic Equipment For CampingĀ 

La Essentials List for camping, it’s small, but you should consider that expansion may be necessary depending on the conditions of the place, location and weather. First of all, these are items you can’t do without.

  • Tent with all accessories. If you choose a size, consider your luggage and add one or two more.
  • Ergonomic Backpack
  • A sleeping bag suitable for the temperature of the place.
  • Lamp or flashlight
  • Portable gas stove, lighter and kitchenware for cooking.
  • Multi tool knife
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Travel kit
  • Portable external battery
  • Garbage bag
  • Insulation tape or the like. fix everything
  • Toilet paper roll.

Assembling and testing equipment prior to travel

If you’ve never camped before, it’s important to learn: Assembling your equipment before going on a trip certain weather conditions and lack of light can make this task very difficult, so it’s always a good idea to follow what you learn.

Make sure nothing is missing during your trip and everything works like this. You can relax and enjoy . Before you travel, ask yourself all the questions and find the answers. YouTube is a fantastic source of answers in many cases.

Arrive Early

It’s not a good idea to arrive after dark, especially if it’s your first time. Arrive at your destination on time, research the location and set up camp easily. You will appreciate starting your vacation in a comfortable way without rushing or stressing out. Trust me!

Well Distributed Backpack

If you plan to carry your backpack from one place to another, the lighter the better. It is recommended that the weight of the backpack not be greater than: 10-20% of our body weight, especially if we are not used to moving with it. It should be ergonomic and have adjustable straps to fit our body.

It is also essential to properly distribute the weight on it to avoid overload. The heaviest objects (tents, cans…) should be placed in the central part closest to the body. And what about clothes? Clothes can be placed around this area, on the bottom, on the sides and on the top.

Small but comfortable clothes

Please wear some comfortable clothing suitable for the local climate. Choose a technical fabric: Lightweight, breathable and dries quickly. And play with the layers! If you wear a technical long-sleeved shirt over a short shirt, you can use it as a sweatshirt. And fleece and raincoats never hurt to endure cold nights and rainy days.

Always carry some food and water

Always bring some food and water if you are camping in an area far from civilization. And even if you go to a place that has all the services, try putting something in your backpack to save your first day. Prevention is never overdone. And never forget the water!

Garbage Collection

Make sure all waste you generate is placed in a garbage bag. And get formal with one final basic camping trip. Make sure the camping area is very clean and empty before you leave.

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