7 Essential Travel Items that every traveler needs!

7 Essential Travel Items that every traveler needs!

Travel is pure joy, and what enriches the experience is inner peace and some tools. We’ve been travelling solo and as a couple for over a decade – day trips, weekend getaways or week-long getaways, we’ve done it all. Over the years, we have realized that we have more exposure to some projects than others. And these must-have travel items made our journey a little less stressful and more enjoyable.

These travel items range from clothes to electronics to basic organizational tools. We hope you found our list of 7 must-have travel items useful for your trip. Finally, we also offer a bonus tip. Have a great trip!

Essential Travel Items

These are the ultimate travel items you will invest in and will appreciate in value year over year.

Travel Backpack

As a seasoned traveler, we recommend buying the right backpack (or suitcase) that you can carry for years to come. Our travel backpacks are on standby and ready to be filled with travel essentials.

A travel backpack is a must-have. You should invest in a sturdy, comfortable backpack that you can carry all day.

The travel backpack stores your electronics, travel documents (RFID protected) and has comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps. Try to stick to a 25-35 L size for a backpack or backpack style.

Waterproof Shoes

After years of traveling, we’ve discovered that wearing comfortable shoes is important for enjoying our vacation. Of course, sturdiness, style and sole comfort are essential. But waterproof shoes are a carefree companion.

If it rains, or you have to cross/walk on dirty streets, you don’t have to worry – you can easily clean them and keep them protected. Whether you’re hiking, or traveling in the off-season (fall or spring) or winter, investing in quality waterproof shoes is a good idea.


When you travel, you are also creating memories and increasing experiences. A photo can say a thousand words – how true is this statement? We carry cell phones and mirrorless cameras to capture our wonderful moments abroad.

When we relive those moments, we can’t tell you how much joy it brings us, it definitely enriches our daily lives. Investing in a good camera is a must for travel.

Multi-port Cables to charge electronics

For all the electronics you’ll be carrying on your travels, keeping them charged and up to date is critical. I swear by this multiport cable. When I was working in retail a few years ago, I received samples of these cables and it’s an amazing item that will last forever. So it is a charging cable with multiple ports, for example for iPhone, Kindle, camera or spare battery.

You probably know that each of these devices listed above uses a different port, such as micro-USB, USB, and lightning cables, among others.

Universal Adaptor and converter combo

As someone who travels a lot, a universal adapter is a must. You will be carrying some electronic devices (phone, camera, tablet or laptop) with you on your trip. The universal adapter will help you plug your device into any power outlet around the world to charge its battery for use.

Collapsible Water-bottle 

A water bottle is an essential travel items for your trip. Whether you’re hiking or exploring and exploring all day, you should stay hydrated and carry a water bottle. In countries where water is expensive, refill from the hotel. Where public water is problematic – same thing. Fill the bottle with filtered, clean water. You are doing your part for the environment and staying healthy. Oh yes – drink plenty of water, on the fly, on the road, drink 8 glasses.

We recommend these collapsible water bottles that are travel approved and this brand also sends 10% of sales to dolphin rescue and protection.

Travel Organizer to store Documents

The file travel manager is very handy! They must organize and secure any quick records of your credit cards, printed boarding passes, passports, hotel addresses, emergency contact information, etc.

I know you might be thinking, in the age of technology, why bother printing boarding passes? Trust me, not all airports accept barcode/digital boarding passes, what if your phone is frozen and cannot be scanned.

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