Noom Diet: Pros, Cons and Everything you need to know

Noom Diet: Pros, Cons and Everything you need to know

Perhaps you have been on a number of diets throughout your life. Many people try different methods until they find a really effective method that suits their needs. Now, at this point, the Noom diet appears in our lives, which are becoming a revolution.

If you’re still not having fun, don’t worry, because we’ll be talking about it at length today. We tell you what it really is, its advantages or disadvantages. If you have them. You’ll know if it works, and what foods you can and shouldn’t eat. Surely you are interested!

What is the Noom Diet?

It must be said that a weight loss app known as the Noom Diet. Today we have applications for all kinds of topics, but we can’t put aside the topic that aims at healthier habits.

In this case, let’s look at how you can focus on developing healthier habits and lose weight as a result. But all of this is in the long run, that is, making small changes and seeing the results of those changes. Therefore, it is not a fast or a miracle that can do much harm to our body.

So you will meet your nutritionist and trainer in the same place as your phone.

Como Works

Now that you know what it is, you may be wondering how it works and what the first steps you should take. Well, once you install the app on your phone, you start by answering short questions.

Here you should mention your habits or lifestyle, your weight, if you do sports, insomnia and many other details. This is a very important thing to start working on. That’s because that questionnaire looks at the calories each body needs throughout the day to set your final goal.

Recommended Foods for Noom Diet

We can say that the application mentions a series of good and not very good ones. I must say, however, that there are no prohibitions, but you should reduce your intake of some foods . This divides the colors like a traffic light.

Vegetable Grocery: Surely you already know from many other diets that they are one of the most acclaimed diets. It is rich in nutrients but very low in calories, so it is necessary for daily cooking. Vegetables belong to this group not only because of their green color, but also fruits, fish, seeds or whole grain cereals, as well as generally all vegetables.

Yellow Food: Intermediate or preventative because it is nutritious but less than before. Lean meats, avocados, and even eggs fall into this category. This means you can consume it without problems, always controlling the amount and frequency.

Red Food: We turn to danger from red hands. In it, we find foods that are much more calorie-dense than the previous ones. Otherwise, how can we talk about fried food desserts and red meat?

Is the Noom diet effective?

More than 40 million people who choose this app and some experts all agree that it can help you lose weight and, more importantly, can help you motivate and change your habits for healthy habits. .

Of course, like many other diets, you have to do your part. This is because perseverance and physical exercise are also fundamental to achieving your ultimate goal. The results are already visible on the Internet and show a very surprising change. Have you tried it already?

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

As an advantage, we will highlight those mentioned so far. That is, the part that motivates us to help us, gives us advice, and improves our health.

Someday, when you’re feeling down, Noom diet will encourage you with the comments and results of many others who have followed this path. We have support groups and this is essential to being able to stand firm until we reach our goals. It’s not a quick solution, and we can also take it to our advantage because we need to take it one step at a time without rushing by giving ourselves a life-changing experience.

A health advisor and coach will be assigned to ask all your questions and guide you towards your new goals. As a disadvantage we can mention price on the one hand and low protein intake on the other hand.

Protein is one of the main sources of daily life for athletes.


When having any kind of medical problem or disease, we should always consult with a doctor before starting any kind of diet. We need to be very clear about this before we take action. It is also not suitable for people with food anxiety or suffering from hypothyroidism, among others.

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