Exploring the Origins, Flavor, and Benefits of Bubble Kush


Bubble Kush is a favorite among cannabis lovers. It has been around for a while, gaining popularity over the years thanks to its recreational benefits. The legalization of hemp products in different states has also helped make this strain popular globally.

This review takes a deeper look into this strain. We will try to unearth its origins, flavor, and recreational benefits. At the end, you will also find crucial tips to help you when buying Bubble Kush buds or pre-rolls from Cannaflower.

Genetics and Origin

There are conflicting reports on the internet about the origins of Bubble Kush weed. Some sites say the strain originated in California while others point to its place of origin as New Orleans. 

It is a cross between the OG Kush and Bubble Gum strains. Bubble Gum strain is known for having a unique and intriguing sweet and fruity aroma. OG Kush is renowned because of its potency, delivering relaxation and calmness after every puff.

With Bubble Kush, you get a blend of indica and sativa genetics. 

Aroma, Flavors, and Appearance

As mentioned, the Bubble Kush strain is famous for its exceptional aroma and flavor profile. Once you open a jar of fresh buds, you will notice its fruity and sweet scent, similar to what you get when chewing bubblegum.

The fruity flavors include a mix of berries and citrus. When smoking, you will notice earthy undertones in the aftertaste. This combination of flavors makes it a suitable strain for anyone who doesn’t like the strong earthy flavors found in OG Kush.

Bubble Kush isn’t a tall plant. It can do well both indoors and outdoors. The plant is shrub-like, producing dense buds with a thick resin cover. Mature buds appear frosty due to the sticky trichome cover, a sign of peak potency.

What About Its Recreational Benefits?

Being a hybrid strain, you will notice effects from both indica and sativa. Most users say that they feel uplifted with a feeling of calmness and relaxation kicking in later. It is a perfect strain for an evening smoke session as you unwind after work.

It also possesses analgesic properties, helping you find relief from chronic pain. Unlike over-the-counter pain meds, you don’t have to worry about addiction or harsh side effects. 

Some users claim that it helped them manage their stress and anxiety levels. The calming effect does a wonderful job for those struggling with insomnia. Once the effects settle in, you can get quality and deep sleep. 

Buying Organic Bubba Kush

Ensure that you source and buy organic weed for the best effect. Nowadays, many weed shops sell hemp products. Look for reputable shops around your area stocking Bubble Kush buds or pre-rolls. 

Read reviews from other buyers before purchasing. Check if the product comes with a certificate from a third-party lab. The certificate is proof that the product is 100% organic and contains the legal amount of THC.

Don’t forget to use the sniff test to confirm product quality. A strong aroma is a sign the plant is mature, cured well, and packs adequate potency.