Millennial Marketing: The Importance of Ethical Business

Millennials currently make up the largest portion of the population. This makes them not only the most powerful consumer, but also the main labor force in the UK. There are many collective characteristics of this generation due to their shared social influences, with support for sustainable development at the core most of these values.

Access to the Internet as a child has provided global awareness from an early age, and this, combined with the growing recognition of climate change and our role in driving it, has led millennials to develop a commitment to sustainability. They also represent a more ethnically diverse generation than Generation X and Baby Boomers, with easier access to world travel, allowing them to explore and appreciate other cultures.

Not only millennials are ethical as consumers – they also want to honor these values ​​in their work. Therefore, in order for companies to attract this key sector of the workforce, they need to ensure that their business practices are firmly grounded in ethical conduct, from internal operations to product manufacturing. Learn about the main ways to ensure the sustainability of your business.

ethical attitude

First of all, it should be clear that your business is committed to sustainability at its core. In your marketing, both to consumers and to attract new talent, demonstrate your ethical values, ranging from environmentally friendly and humane production to fairness and employee equity. One of the most laudable characteristics of millennials is that they prioritize purpose over profit, which is why your business politics is far more important than financial rewards.

Sustainable Operations

As mentioned, growing up in a global warming crisis has made millennials more environmentally conscious than any previous generation, and this desire to save the planet is reflected in their work. Do everything you can to make your products as sustainable as possible: minimize the use of plastic and packaging, encourage recycling, and aim for zero-carbon manufacturing.

It is also helpful to analyze your internal operations in terms of their environmental impact. Small changes can go a long way in attracting millennials, like going paperless, adding plants, and encouraging employees to save energy where possible. You can take it one step further and modernize your office space with green technologies that range from new toilets with dual flush or low pressure system to install an environmentally friendly heating system such as solar panels or heat pumps.

socially responsible

In addition to focusing on the environmental impact, make sure you are socially responsible. For example, millennials would rather work for a travel company that focuses on ecotourism and responsible travel rather than a traditional package business. Likewise, they will strive to ensure that any transactions abroad are conducted with integrity and respect. This can range from participating in a fair trade scheme to paying appropriate wages to expatriate personnel.

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