Madrid walking tour: the perfect getaway in the middle of winter

During this long cold winter, a short break in a different and brighter place can be a necessary boost to keep your morale and productivity up. Madrid combines many possibilities: winter sunshine, history, culture and great nightlife. Here’s our short guide to all the best Madrid has to offer.

The Spanish capital is a real treasure trove for any traveler. The Prado Museum, the Royal Palace, majestic cathedrals and beautiful squares are just a small part of all the splendor of Madrid.

Special Madrid

Madrid is famous for exhibitions of European art, luxurious boulevards, green parks and truly royal architecture. This city of unique charisma will captivate you with cultural events, exciting flamenco dance performances and exotic flavors.

The best way to take it all on walking tour of madrid and here we are compiling a list of 9 must-see places in Madrid to include in all the best tours.

9 Important Things to Do in Madrid

Explore the neighborhoods of Madrid and immerse yourself in its incredible history:

1. Prado Museum

Start your visit to the Spanish capital with a visit to one of the most famous museums not only in the country, but also in the world – the Prado. There is a huge collection of more than 6 thousand paintings, more than 400 sculptures and various decorations.

2. Reina Sofia Art Center

In Reina Sofia, unlike the pompous and traditional Prado, you can explore the history of art from the 20th century to the present day. In particular, the museum contains an extensive collection of works by avant-garde artists (Juan Gris, Picasso) and surrealists (Dali, Miro, Magritte).

3. Royal Palace of Madrid

Like many royal residences in Europe, today the Royal Palace is only used for official functions and is otherwise open to tourists and visitors. The building is beautiful in itself, but inside it impresses with exquisite interiors and a rich collection of works of art. In addition, the palace has a museum and an observation deck, which offers a magnificent view of the city.

4. Cibeles Square

Another gem of Madrid that would be a shame to miss. The area was named after the sculpture of the goddess Cybele, which adorns the fountain located there.

The square is adorned with an ensemble of beautiful buildings: the Bank of Spain, the Palacio de Linares and the Palacio de Buenavista, but Cibeles Palace shines brightest of all. Built in the Art Nouveau style, this snow-white beauty with graceful turrets looks like an ivory or pearl sculpture, especially if you come here in the evening when the palace is beautifully lit.

5. Crystal Palace

This architectural marvel is located in the Retiro Park, in the heart of Madrid. Constructed of metal and glass, the palace looks like a huge diamond shining in the sun. Inside there is an artificial lake with a staircase descending directly into the water, planted with tropical plants and flowers.

6. St. Francis Cathedral

If you think visiting churches is boring, then visiting the Royal Cathedral of St. Francis will certainly dissuade you.

In addition to the rich decoration and majestic interior, the cathedral is known for its imposing dome: 58 meters high and 33 meters in diameter, it is the largest in Spain.

7. Casa de Campo Park

This green giant is called by the locals the lungs of Madrid. Previously, these were royal hunting grounds, but today it is a favorite place for residents and guests of the capital. Here you can not only take a walk in the shade of the alleys, but also go to the zoo, ride the cable car or rides, have a picnic in the shade of the lake. In short, a great place to relax and unwind during the day.

8. Royal Botanic Gardens

Right in the center of Madrid, there is a great place to relax and connect with nature. This, of course, is about the Royal Botanic Gardens. Here are samples of flora from all over Spain, as well as from Europe and the Pacific Islands, working in greenhouses.

Once here, you can safely “disconnect” from the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy the silence.

9. San Miguel Market

For a real Madrid experience, head to the San Miguel Market in Plaza de San Miguel. Here you can not only taste delicious traditional tapas in one of the many eateries or buy local delicacies, but also plunge into the vibrant atmosphere of the city with its variety of colors, sounds and, of course, divinely delicious aromas!

Using the website, you can see the most interesting sights of Madrid in two days, making the most of your time.

An unforgettable walk through one of the busiest cities in Europe awaits you. Enjoy Madrid!

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