Career Options in the Security Industry


In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of women working in the security sector. This is largely a result of the growing convergence of cybersecurity and physical security operations. And it is also a growing recognition of the strengths that different points of view and experience bring to all these roles. While many businesses are moving online and much of the security work is done digitally, there is still (and always will be) work for physical security personnel.

If you are interested in working in the security industry, you need to know all the options to find the job that is perfect for you.

This post will tell you about a few security related career options you might want to consider.

Air Marshal

An air marshal is a person who flies commercial flights posing as an ordinary passenger. The job of an air marshal is to prevent and stop hijacking or any crime that occurs on an aircraft. It might be hard become an air marshal as they have a lot of responsibility and need professional training, but it is a fantastic line of work nonetheless. If you are a person who cares about the safety, security, and comfort of other people, then this career might be for you. Air marshals also take care of any irregularities on flights, dealing with noisy passengers and people who unnecessarily insult flight attendants (or other passengers).

intelligence agent

If you want to pursue a career in security at a higher level, you could join your country’s intelligence agency. In the United States, the main intelligence agency is the CIA, and in the United Kingdom, MI6. Becoming an intelligence agent is not easy, but it is rewarding. You will be at the forefront collecting information on potential terrorists and people who pose a threat to national security. The recruitment requirements for these agencies are very strict, which means that you will have to meet very specific criteria and pass many tests before you can get a job.

Surveillance Officer

A surveillance officer is a person hired by supermarkets and large stores to monitor customers. While the warden job is certainly not as glamorous or exciting as the two jobs mentioned earlier, it is nonetheless a job that is in demand and can pay quite well. Your duties as a surveillance officer may extend to intercepting theft and deterring customers suspected of being involved in shoplifting. Surveillance officers also usually work at night, but only in very large stores or malls. If you want a better paying job, you can get a job as a night watchman.

Store detective

A store detective is a person who, like air marshals, working undercover. Store detectives work in large shopping malls and supermarkets tracking shoppers and following people they suspect of stealing. If the store detective identifies the person who is stealing, he will act quickly and intercept that person, preventing him from leaving the building with the stolen goods. Working as a store detective can be very rewarding as you meet a lot of people and work with the community.

Security Analyst

As mentioned in the introduction to this post, a lot of security work happening online these days. If you want to get into digital security, you might want to consider studying to become a security analyst. A security analyst is a person who analyzes the security and integrity of a company’s online data. The reason they do this is so they can identify any potential breaches as well as learn about areas of the business’ built-in infrastructure that could be exploited by a hacker or cybercriminals. Security analysts are usually well paid. However, the work is also very demanding and typically requires a significant level of graduate skill.

Defense Specialist

Finally, and perhaps the most glamorous job on this list, we come to the security specialist. A security specialist, also known as a bodyguard, is a person who protects the client from any potential threats. Most often, bodyguards are hired to protect public figures such as celebrities and politicians. They are sometimes also hired to protect wealthy people such as bankers and stockbrokers. They are very common in dangerous countries.

If you are interested in getting into an exciting industry where every day is unique, then the security industry might be for you. Don’t be intimidated by an industry dominated by men. Most firms are looking to hire and train more women and reap the benefits of more diverse perspectives. There are also several networking and mentoring groups specifically dedicated to supporting women in the security sector.