What makes KiwiCo educational toys for kids so special


Bring some color and a lot of science into your day! Discover the scientific method before creating a wild chemical reaction in your superior chemistry lab. Create colorful drawings, experiment with other color combinations, and learn about common chemical processes. You can have step by step instructions and quality materials. Kids can have fun mixing colors, watching chemical reactions and doing kitchen experiments.

You’ll be ready to save the world as you design your own unique superhero cape! Before you take off, decorate your cape with stickers that showcase your superhuman abilities.

The kit also includes all the materials and instructions needed to complete your superhero costume decorating project. Kids can draw logos, play superhero name games and get inspiration for role play.

Create your own mini-lab, conduct experiments and gain scientific knowledge! You’ll get all the equipment you need with a guide that includes illustrated step-by-step directions for 11 fun projects like tie-dyeing milk, growing gummy bears, and learning how to mix colors. Beakers, test tubes, measuring cylinders, funnels, and other laboratory supplies are housed in a custom-made storage box that doubles as a sensor container, water play station, and lab rack. It’s time to play, learn and splash!

Kids can create amazingly accurate fossil casts with this set of miniature dinosaurs, plasticine and plaster. In addition, they can read about the geologic time scale, the formation of fossils, and the professional exploits of a true paleontologist. Then show a poster with some of the most remarkable prehistoric dinosaurs and great fossil facts. In addition, kids will love learning how fossils are formed, digging up dinosaur bones and making fossil casts.

Prepare for your home race by building and customizing two balloon cars using stencils and a handheld airbrush. Build your cars from scratch, then test and tune the wheels and balloon to see how fast they can go. The set also includes an additional magazine “Explore!” “Play and Learn” with additional experiments, tasks and recipes, as well as all the necessary materials and instructions.

In this sensory eco-adventure you will immerse yourself in the science of the environment! Learn about the different ways to clean up spilled oil, from sweeping it up to catching it with a floating boom, and learn how oil affects the seas and the creatures that live in them. Playing out the story on each page of the instruction booklet that comes with the game will make you feel like real wildlife rescuers and environmental engineers. Ready to find out what it takes to save life in the ocean and what you can do to help?