Holistic Kinesiology: How it is Performed and Its Results

Holistic Kinesiology: How it is Performed and Its Results

In this article, you will learn everything related to holistic kinesiology. This is a very effective and simple tool that can diagnose patients by muscle testing called ARM reflection, or use simpler words to diagnose the arm reflection it can be abbreviated like AR.

What is Holistic Kinesiology?

The overall exercise machine can learn or also known as Holistic Kinesiology. It is a technology specializing in diagnosis and treatment of patients. It is called ARM reflection through muscle tests called ARM reflection. This technology is called ARM reflection and translated it into Spanish meaning. Reflection of the arm. And usually use the first letters abbreviation.

In order to understand the word of Holistic Kinesiology, we must know the definition of two words. In the case of “sports”, this is a word in Greek, such as “sports type”, which means “sports”. This is a subject that is responsible for studying all muscle activities performed by the human body. For this reason, physics science principle.

As for the word “holistic “, it also comes from Greek, called “HOLOS”, which is translated as “everything”. When this term is applied to natural medicine, it is understood that the term is a unit so that it will not confuse the fact that this is the simple sum of each part.

You can also use it when you want to get close to the patient’s body and emotion. It must be said that to obtain a complete balance, you must first analyze and study all the components of the person.

In Holistic Kinesiology, muscle and muscle chains are mainly used to perform arm reflection tests. In this way, all the imbalances of the human body currently being treated. All these are the symptoms of the patient, which may be caused by any areas of the person, such as:

  • Energy or information.
  • Chemical-nutritional.
  • Emotional or structural.
  • Structural or physical.

The 4 fields of Holistic Kinesiology

In Holistic Kinesiology, considering the four areas of the individual mentioned above, people treat people. In this field, the imbalance of the human body has been tested and studied at that accurate moment.

It is worth mentioning that there are two additional fields in natural medicine, because these areas are used only when these areas are not found in any major field. These are called “subtle bodies” and ” chakras”.

Energy Field

Energy imbalances or information imbalances can occur in two ways. The first one can be a certain environmental reason, such as the antenna of the mobile phone, the waves from Wi-Fi, the wireless mobile phone or the natural sympathy (the location of the high energy concentration).

As for the second choice, it will be imbalanced through human characteristics. This may be: a flawed acupuncture meridian, which is the energy hole caused by a type of imbalance in a certain type of imbalance in the system in the system. (The body can evaluate how to maintain balance), that is, its failure is because it is responsible for telling the body of the muscle position.

Everyone has the same main goals, that is, through intervention measures, technology, instructions, or using the energy required achieving the goal to provide a balanced recovery of the body.

Chemical Field

In this area, there are two types of imbalances, called organic chemistry and nutrition chemicals.

The first problem directly affects patients due to lack of body lack. Some of them may lack various vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or proteins, amino acids (also known as organic chemicals of protein), and sometimes until they are short of water.

The second type of nutritional chemicals causes the existence of toxemia, which is a syndrome, which is derived from the existence of toxic substances in the blood. This is caused by the occurrence of heavy metals in various tissues and organs. What causes some bacteria or parasites should be eliminated as soon as possible, because this will bring danger and risk to the body.

There are several treatments in this case, but one of the most common and effective methods are chemical treatment, which are different according to the situation.

This chemotherapy is all diet supplements that natural products and the need to achieve steady -state. This is a self -regulation phenomenon that can keep the body stable. Therefore It will have a negative impact on you and damage your health.

Emotional Field

First of all, when the imbalance is emotional, the cause of the problem described in the human nervous system should be sought, or it is because of the lack of basic nutrients of the human body or just a directional emotion. Introduce personal subconscious.

Under such circumstances, the most effective treatment methods include a series of technologies, such as Bach Flowers, Emotional Technology (NLP) of Neuronal Language Programming. These technologies are a series (EMDR) a series of strategies (EMDR)

Structural Field

Finally, in the last field, we have structural imbalances, which may be caused by joints, muscle support, or even visceral spasm.

Here, considering those unbalanced posture, the tightness of the cranium ball on the individual head, or in some cases, considering the lack of function of the nerve and circulating system, all affected areas must be irrigated.

In these cases, some of the most common treatments include different technologies of manual and cartilage. This is a treatment method that can manipulate joint massage, and the main purpose of the two is to return the affected structure.

As mentioned at the beginning, these are not the only fields currently existing, because if these areas have not achieved their goals, then some areas in these two replacement areas can be used, and their functions are to balance the person.

The delicate body (the lowest level in the human energy field) is one of them. When there is an energy hole closer to the skin, it is usually used. Although it may also be a simple obstruction of external drugs (such as crackdown, injury, or contusion).

The treatment of this includes the application of good energy massage or acupuncture. This is to correctly restore the above -mentioned energy layer, and then protect the body from external drugs.

Although unbalanced from the chakra (this is the second alternative field), this means that in his individual, one of his chakras is not fully balanced, so this is the cause of the patient’s problem. This may be caused by low energy or dynamic disease.


In other words, this disease is a kind of self -repair. We unconsciously feel that we are in a negative environment. Although other elements that must be considered when performing arm reflection methods also affect this.

Some of these most important and outstanding elements that affect this self -repair and obstruction are: chemistry, emotion, vibrant and structural. This disease is multiple mutagenic, so anyone can be a carrier, if they are in a very stressful environment, it is okay. This is the foundation of the appearance of Holistic Kinesiology.


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