The Most Beautiful and Fashionable Lingerie for Party

A sensual set will give you confidence and relaxation on the long-awaited night. Which one to choose to shine in the New Year – see the material.

On New Year’s Eve, you want to look especially beautiful: an impeccable dress, fashionable hairstyle, makeup and underwear that no one sees, but that is what gives you confidence and attractiveness. Women for the holiday choose relaxed and sensual sets that are waiting for their finest hour. We’ll tell you further what trends to pay attention to and what models to try on in order to shine and feel incredible.

Made from translucent mesh

Made from translucent mesh
Made from translucent mesh suit

Translucent mesh won the hearts of girls around the world several years ago: it looks bold and sexy on the body. On New Year’s Eve, try on a seductive set that can be worn under a tight dress or jumpsuit.

Give preference to more elegant and discreet colors, such as black, white or red, which will look expensive and impressive.

With chains, rhinestones and crystals

With chains, rhinestones and crystals
chains, rhinestones and crystals lingrie

Since we want to feel special on this day, our underwear should match. Why not surprise yourself with an impeccable set, decorated with rhinestones, crystals or rough or delicate chains. The decor will look especially sensual on delicate and, conversely, daring models consisting of only striped straps. Body chains are also trending: bras and briefs consisting only of chains.


lingerie with Lace

Lace is a classic that designers are now actively experimenting with. Figured cups, bodysuits, graceful tops with long glove sleeves, delicate embroidery and a color palette that is impossible to resist. You don’t have to wear such underwear only on holidays – beautiful underwear can be worn every day to feel incredible.


Body suit lingerie

If you want to add passion and determination to the night, then why not fall in love with a sensual bodysuit and wear it on December 31st? Satin, mesh, lace – choose the one in which you will feel incomparable and relaxed.


Coloured Lingerie

As a rule, we choose basic colors that we have long been accustomed to – these are black, beige, milky or blue shades. But we need special occasions in order to experiment and reveal ourselves in a new way. On this day, wear a bold red, bright pink or rich blue set that you would hardly have looked at before, but will make you feel beautiful and fashionable.


Laconic lingerie
Tight laconic Lingerie

If you have chosen a tight dress, a fitted skirt, a jumpsuit or a skinny as your outfit, then you will need simple underwear that will not be visible from under your clothes, but will still be fashionable.

You can opt for both basic seamless models and satin combinations of bodice and panties, which also fit harmoniously to the body and do not create unnecessary creases and folds.

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