What is Intrapersonal Intelligence? And it’s Characteristics

What is Intrapersonal Intelligence? And it’s Characteristics

Find out what is Intrapersonal intelligence and learn how to understand yourself through it and your intentions and desires. Similarly, we will show you the unpublished details of this mysterious type of intelligence. All of us carry and allow us to have self -knowledge about our existence.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

The principle of intelligence is about emotions, thoughts, and self -knowledge about any other details of our people, emphasizing the relationship between our external and internal existence, and indicating that we have all aspects we have on the aspects of spiritual and intelligence. Essence Considering who we are and how far we can reach. Similarly, this type of intelligence allows people to clearly understand what they really want and analyze their thinking.

Among this type of intelligence, the most special details are our self -esteem and mood. The above is the person responsible for the personality of everyone in the industry and the intelligent treatment directly through the above. Everything related to our existence, we will be able to live a better life. On the other hand, Intrapersonal intelligence allows development to be consistent and effective.

Finally, the emotions captured through this thought enable humans to clearly see his feelings, but countless times have fallen into some cloudy feeling, such as discomfort, suspicion and even angry. Because sometimes when they better understand their emotions, they will accept them according to the situation and the instructions of these feelings. Similarly, it is possible to identify our emotions through this intelligence and always seek to meet our needs.

Intrapersonal Intelligence Specialties

This kind of intelligence in human intelligence and emotion has a series of special terms, which must be considered, because they allow us to understand in some way, so that the activities of Intrapersonal intelligence are the most suitable for us, for example,, for example, Also effectively establish an example of Intrapersonal intelligence. Therefore, the term that constitutes Intrapersonal intelligence needs to be mentioned and developed:

The self-awareness of our existence, also known as “self-knowledge”, must consider the first term of Intrapersonal intelligence, because with the above situation, it is possible to determine how to effectively develop interpersonal relationships, and its main function can establish self- Understand our actions and reactions, and consider which feeling in the face of adversity. In addition, it provides us with the feelings we have and why we establish this emotion.

On the other hand, the quality of our own existence and the category of our virtues, and our internal emotional consciousness is managed by self -knowledge of Intrapersonal intelligence, using phrases to establish «You have established« First love yourself, love others, love others, love others, love others, love others, love others, and love others. »The real thing about this topic involves our inner emotions. Similarly, this intelligence under this parameter plays a role in the formation of people’s self -confidence.


Just like the majors and unique themes of Intrapersonal intelligence, there is also a series of characteristics. It is important to prominent, because people with such developed intelligence have emotional and specific internal structures in their internal structure, and they are specific. And help develop its personality (such as emotion) aspects. Therefore, the characteristics of people with complete Intrapersonal intelligence are:

The first characteristic to mention is that many people with good Intrapersonal intelligence have the ability to recognize, classify and identify all emotions, because their spontaneous triggering feels Always maintain their positive aspects. In the same way, these people know how to determine their influence on the body and how to control their influence.

People with stable Intrapersonal intelligence have the ability to distinguish the feelings of people outside and born, accept or reject emotions to avoid lack of control in the way of thinking or analysis, and always use reflection status to always be conscious. In addition, it promotes the intelligence state called “internal province”. This state is a country immersed in thinking to reflect on their behavior.

People with good and developed Intrapersonal intelligence can take care of their emotions, take care of themselves from the negative effects of certain emotions, and maintain a complete and quiet state with passion in the face of positive emotions, indicating that they have sufficient intelligence and emotions. Mature status. In the end, they always manage their emotions without letting themselves win their own victory, focusing on their ideas, and acting with indifferent mentality.


Examples of Intrapersonal intelligence beyond a mature attitude or a good response to any type of adversity, because people who have this intelligence are based on their own existence, and they can realize the great things and feats that can marked their lives. Life like a specific group has a very beneficial effect on their self -development. When this kind of quality occurs in adversity, he can see the best example. He solves the replacement brought to them in a short time.

People with developed Intrapersonal intelligence, at the time of frustration or many negative effects on the emotional level, is caused by failure or even due to problems they encountered at work. First, analyze the problem; verify that if they are Attitude is the trigger factor of the incident. In the same way, if depression has a high level and has many very important negative effects in life, they will find a way to effectively stabilize emotions.


People who make this type of intelligence are very happy to focus on the use of analysis and rational thinking. In these ideas, they must pay close attention to details and be very cautious in their actions. Some of them are targeted at human nature, such as mental illness, psychology, and even medical branches. Similarly, you must play a professional and innovative specialty, which stands hard to stand out.


Historically, many outstanding figures are an important fortress in creation and innovation. They leave high degree of Intrapersonal intelligence in the development of many people. These participants have cultivated their self -awareness and conscience. Stable, it should be done, and when it is necessary. The clearest example is the great and outstanding writer. In the history of human beings, they have cultivated positive stimuli for reading and promoting imagination. Many works on emotional and psychological problems are the best examples that these characters can do.

Other symbolic roles of this kind of intelligence are all professionals in the field of psychology, sociology and psychiatry. These occupations are concentrated in research activities, action, response, emotions, and human nature. To intellectual and emotional terms is its first goal. Similarly, they use their own knowledge to help people who have strong situations or any emotions that cause them negatively.

Intrapersonal and Intrapersonal intelligence

Many people say “they are similar.” Although there are many obvious reasons, the judgment is incorrect. Although Howard Gardner has performed the same multi -intelligent theory, their execution is completely different differently after the suffix “internal”, the actions of various intelligence adopted by Intrapersonal intelligence are concentrated on themselves and internal thoughts. On the other hand, the focus of their actions with Intrapersonal intelligence between suffixes is external relationships with external relationships.

In the same way, their goals are completely opposite in many styles, Intrapersonal intelligence, and people responsible for allowing humans. This is a series of special qualities. They are here. However, using Intrapersonal intelligence tools so that people can understand themselves more and self -esteem, just like the components of humans and society.

How to Develop Intrapersonal Intelligence?

In order to develop this type of intelligence, it is important to analyze each emotion and find a clear, reasonable way to cope with the feeling of these humans. In addition Effect. In your existence, dedicate yourself at the necessary time so that you have clear ideas and your whole. Finally, to develop Intrapersonal intelligence, it is important to find any activities that are beneficial to your reflection.

The use of intellectual activities, such as riddles and detailed issues, is a good choice to improve the quality of Intrapersonal intelligence. Just like knowledge and art activities, intellectual art activities are good methods to help develop the above -mentioned intelligence provinces regardless of their genres. Read the creative tool of a good book. However, these people must always set goals so that they can make progress in life.


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