Child’s Social Intelligence: Skills and Importance

Child's Social Intelligence: Skills and Importance

A child’s social intelligence is just as important as other cognitive skills for proper development. Learn how to promote social intelligence.

First, we must understand that social intelligence is the ability to connect effectively with others. This happens by understanding the intentions, motives, and desires of the other person. It is further about practicing empathy and certain social skills to create healthy relationships Social intelligence is the ability to connect effectively with others.

What is a child’s social intelligence?

From the moment of birth, children have begun to develop social intelligence. And the family is the first socialization background. They begin to develop social intelligence from the moment they are born.

Eventually, this relationship becomes more complicated. And family members become a key factor in the education and proper development of children.

The family functions to promote appropriate emotional standards, values, role models, etc.

Schools should develop social and emotional aspects with children.

A privileged position in developing children’s social intelligence

Social skills that children must learn

There is skills related to social intelligence that children must acquire during childhood. This is the most important list.

  • Ability to share feelings, feelings, thoughts, opinions and beliefs
  • Development of communication skills
  • Ability to practice active listening
  • Ability to understand social rules and structures
  • Ability to understand other people’s feelings
  • Ability to adapt to various social situations in daily life
  • Developing self-management and self-control
  • Learn to recognize conflict and respond appropriately
  • The ability to predict the reactions and behaviors of others

The importance of social intelligence development in childhood

Children who have developed high levels of emotional intelligence, or social intelligence, have:

  • More friends
  • Tendency to learn more
  • Less behavioral problems
  • More belief and confidence in yourself
  • Positive self- esteem
  • Better resilience
  • Better empathy
  • A Better Way to Conflict Resolution
  • Less likely to adopt self-destructive behaviors (drugs, alcohol, etc.)
  • Better impulse control

“The higher your social intelligence, the happier you will be, the stronger you will be, and the better your relationships will be.”


In conclusion, Child’s Social Intelligence is just as important as other cognitive skills for proper development. Therefore, this must be taken into account. Particular attention should be paid to the emotional and emotional aspects of raising children.

Finally, humans are social beings by nature and have a desire to interact with others. It is logical, therefore, that children must acquire social skills in order to engage with their environment, i.e. to have fun.


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