5 life hacks for moms in business


There is a lot to be said for running a business when you have small children. First of all, you yourself determine your priorities and schedule. You can be there for the moments that matter most in life, and you can also build the business you believe in.

These benefits mean moms in business can be more focused and driven than anyone in corporate life. It’s worth the effort to make it work.

And we’re hungry for advice and information on how to make this often fragile balance a little easier. So, here are our top tips to help you become a serious business mom:

1. Value your time and space

The joy of working for yourself is that you can set your own schedule. It may be convenient for you to work in the evening when the children go to bed, or early in the morning before they get up. If you have childcare or they are at school, you may need to make the most of every minute they are away. The main thing is to make a schedule and avoid unnecessary breaks. If you’re working from home, less busy friends might think it’s okay to stop by or call to chat. Tell them firmly that you are busy and what your work schedule is.

2. Focus and outsourcing

You have limited time, so don’t waste it on something that someone else could do better. If you focus your time only on what you can do well and outsource the rest, you will soon find that every minute spent on business brings a higher return. Things to consider outsourcing include: accounting and bookkeeping, social media, and even household tasks like cleaning and gardening.

3. Automate what you can

Could you better use technology to automate routine tasks and improve productivity? For example: online calendar, event management, project planning systems like Trello and hosted phone systems like Cloud telephony from Gamma. Audit all the routine tasks in your business and consider what can be improved or replaced through better use of technology.

4. Develop a meal strategy

Food is the heart of any family. Ideally, this is a time when you come together to share, support and feed. Do not laugh! If your experience is an intermittent fish stick battlefield, our hacks can only help! First, do Meal Plan a week ahead. If it’s a serious test then do 2 or 3 weeks and just keep repeating it. Make weekly online purchases – and again, if you change plans, it only takes a few minutes after you set them up for the first time.

Move forward where you can. You can spend a few hours a week preparing for the week ahead, or you can double up and freeze each time you make certain meals.

5. Wall planner works

The technology is great. But when it comes to family events and events, everything can get lost on the internet. Perhaps too many distractions! There’s a lot more to be said for the old-school family wall planner that hangs on the wall in plain sight. Complement it with online tools like Wunderlist for to-do or shopping lists and shared calendars.

6. Well-being is your foundation

Resilience in your business and family starts with personal resilience. This means keeping fit and feeling good. When time is short, this may seem like an impossible indulgence, but it is actually a necessary foundation. A hacky approach can also make this a reality. Wellbeing should be a daily habit, not a random afterthought. The trick is to tie these good habits into other daily activities. Start by deciding what you need to do for your well-being. Then build it into your daily routine, for example, get up half an hour earlier to do morning exercises and meditation; walking to pick up kids from school instead of driving.

You get the idea. What is clear is that without a plan and routine, we all simply stumble. Taking a little time to prioritize, plan, and refocus will change your life and your business.