From order confirmations to newsletters, email is essential for business and growth. Of the numerous communication channels you can consider to improve your marketing strategy, email marketing continues to be one of the most profitable.

What internet users don’t check their email more than once a day? This allows you to reach a very diverse audience, so why not use it to convert and retain customers? Email marketing can help you know that customers don’t consume a product again because they have forgotten that it exists.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a communication tool that can be used at every stage of a relationship with a customer. It can help us attract customers, build trust in our products or services, and develop loyalty relationships with people who have already purchased our products, as well as automate simple administrative tasks.

All this is possible thanks to many people. Professional tools that currently exist on the market. A platform for managing subscriptions, managing contacts, designing emails, and automating delivery.


Using email as a marketing strategy can engage and keep in touch with a large number of recipients, including those who are new to the Internet. And these are just some of the advantages!

Email can be enforced at scale to a large number of recipients.

  • Can be reached. Broad audience, including those who are not necessarily comfortable using the Internet.
  • Es one of the most profitable channels within online marketing. Did you know that it is much more effective than social networks?
  • They allow for a high degree of customization. Emails arrive directly in the user’s inbox, creating a relationship with the user. Also, although its usage is huge, there are tools that you can personalize.
  • Easily inform your products and offers we encourage our customers to keep in mind when they need a product of our nature.
  • Automation possibilities save time and money. It can be sent automatically in response to a specific activity. Subscribe, buy,

Email type

Email marketing involves sending different types of email. Some are automated in response to transactions and some are automated to provide information about companies, new launches or offers, such as:

  • Newsletter: From time to time we report news about the company, products or services offered to its recipients. They keep in touch with them and encourage them to keep us in mind when they need a similar service or product.
  • Marketing Campaigns: from launch proposals to sales campaigns. They are sent at specific times and may require multiple emails such as notices and notifications.
  • Automation or Management. Sent in response to certain transactions with customers. Post-subscription welcome, confirmation of sales, follow-up of sales… It is important to be personalized according to the customer and the transaction itself.

It’s important doesn’t overwhelm the recipient. Frequently sending worthless emails to unsolicited people goes against your marketing campaigns. To avoid this, have a good strategy in place, keep your database up to date, and make sure all your contacts have previously consented to receive emails.


A well-formulated una email marketing strategy can do a lot for your business. But just as important as formulating it and executing it is measuring the results. Currently, special tools are not only helpful in email management, design, and programming, they are very useful as well as helping to measure interactions and outcomes that are essential to draw conclusions and correct errors.

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