Best Educational Places for Kids in Montreal

Archeology and natural history

Learn and explore this place with educational spectacles and activities your kids will love! Montreal Archeology and Natural History will bring history to life through its permanent exhibitions with innovative multimedia technologies. You can bring children of any age here for a family vacation.

Let your kids experience and play on the high seas as pirates or privateers. Step into its 17th-century buildings and model an archaeological dig at the Archaeo-Adventure workshop. In addition, there are other archaeological sites in the area that you can visit with your children to make the most of your vacation.

Exporail / Canadian Railway Museum

Explore breathtaking full-size railcars at Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum. It’s best for kids because they offer customized tours for preschoolers, nurseries and kindergarteners (ages 3 and up). This gives your little ones a unique opportunity to learn about the history of a vital collection of oversized rail vehicles.

Plus, your kids have a lot to learn. They will develop their knowledge of the social universe, especially in history and geography. In addition, children will learn more about the means of transportation in Quebec society: trains, trams, rail systems and more.

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