Detailed Review of DEGIRO 2023

Are you looking for a trading platform? Do you want to trade with some reliable source? In this case, Dejiro this is the answer. To learn more about this platform, read this article.

DEGIRO’s WebTrader platform is user-friendly and good enough. This can be a great option for investors who are looking for a reasonable trading platform. It does not charge clients for deposits, inactivity, or withdrawals, but does charge a reasonable fee for connecting to the exchange.

We understand that investments always involve risk. This choice must be made with extreme caution. Spend some time researching your broker before making your choice.

What is DEJIRO?

Degiro is targeting the market with a proactive approach to establish its position as the standard. As an exceptional discount broker that provides multi-asset brokerage services on over 84 commodities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), choices, permits and more.

Teaming up with the German online broker Flatex AG in 2021, DEGIRO made stock exchange history and is now the most well-known trader in Europe with financial capabilities.

Account types:

Basic account:

DEGIRO clients can choose one type of live account. The basic account is what it’s called.

The default account form at DEGIRO is a basic account that allows the customer to deal with any item without additional fees or restrictions.

Deposit account:

With DEGIRO, the deposit account is no longer available. It serves as a starting account for beginner traders. Clients cannot lend their assets to third parties, unlike a standard account. Due to the division of assets, the Dutch rules prescribe to protect the interests of clients even during the bankruptcy of a broker.

Access to debit payments, debt securities and derivatives trading through these accounts is not available. DEGIRO provides Active, Trader and Day Trader accounts for such transactions.

Is DEGIRO safe?

Assets owned by DEGIRO clients are owned by a separate legal entity, which protects them from the collapse of the company. It is covered by the German Investor Compensation Scheme, which pays out up to €20,000 in reimbursement to clients for up to 90% of deadweight losses.

In addition, deposits made with flatexDEGIRO Bank AG to DEGIRO cash accounts are additionally covered by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme up to EUR 100,000. According to the regulations, immediately invests the client’s funds in a money market investment fund after receiving them.

Customer service:

Although affordable prices seem to be a strong sales factor, DEGIRO can improve its customer support. It provides free services including deposits, withdrawals and dormant accounts. The customer must pay the transaction costs for individual customer service.

DEGIRO offers customer assistance in 18 languages ​​by phone and email. They are quite skilled in solving customer problems. Email support sometimes goes unanswered, but phone assistance is generally very responsive. The lack of live chat support for DEGIRO customers is a major downside.

Final words:

With a banking license, DEGIRO positions itself as the best trader in Europe, specializing only in execution. It is run by the best financial body in Europe. As a result, he is reliable. With DEGIRO trading is safe.

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