Thickened Nails What are the Causes, Treatment and More

Thickened Nails: What are the? Causes, Treatment and More

Among many people, the existence of thickened nails is very common. This is due to various reasons. It is necessary to know the treatment methods that can be provided for the solution. Such information will be emphasized in this article.

Thickened Nails

Thickened Nail is the additional growth of nails, known as onysauses, and is considered a disease that occurs among many people. Here, your nails, both hands and feet, will propose a caused by fungi, which causes excessive growth in it.

Generally, these cases may occur among those of the legal age due to the pushing of time and other reasons. But they may also happen to young people, which may be due to different types of daily work, for example, when the feet are rubbed on the shoe problems that cause nail problems on the shoe class.

Causes of Appearance

There are many reasons due to the appearance of thickened nails. This is important. It is important to avoid this situation without such situations in nails. The reason is as follows:

  • The existence of nail fungus is the most common type of nails, which is because of the fact that there are microorganisms (called skin plants) in them. This will develop in the lower part of the nails and the same upper part.
  • Given that fungus is very frequent, it is necessary to consider that their communication is given by a high humidity environment. It is also important to consider that they can spread, so they should act with caution.
  • Due to trauma, this is due to a certain type of damage suffered by a certain finger (finger or finger on the feet), which will cause thickened nails.
  • Due to poor circulation. Elderly people often have thickened nails and occur in patients with adverse circulation in patients with diabetes.
  • Due to genetics, nails are usually thickened. When relatives introduce this history, each family’s core will access foot disease doctors because they are susceptible to the pain of thickened nails.


The treatment of thickened nails may vary according to the reasons for its existence. However, it is important to consider the adaptation of measures that can be proposed by effective treatment. Therefore, the following points are recommended as treatment.

  • It is necessary to change the shoe used, because if they are small, they will cause thickened nails.
  • Nails should be kept cut
  • It is necessary to exercise because it will be a preventive measure, because it will increase the amount of circulation so that it can extend the finger correctly.
  • For people with fungi on the nails, it is necessary to perform specific separate treatment for them.

These are some of the treatment methods to solve the thickened nails. For other circumstances, it is possible to choose local treatment. Generally, when the infection is highlighted, it is necessary to visit the doctor of the foot disease because it will provide drugs and different types of treatment methods.

How to avoid thickened nails?

One of the important information is to avoid the use of thickened nails, so the following points are considered:

  • If your relatives propose this situation, you should not use small shoes because their appearance will be fast.
  • Hand and feet should be continuously hydrated.
  • Showing foot disease -shaped control, so no thickening nails will occur.


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