70 Bathroom Tray ideas

70 Bathroom Tray ideas

Much more than toilet paper and towels, the bathroom is a corner of the house that deserves attention – and decoration. That’s why the bathroom tray has become more and more popular. It is a trick to organize everyday items and also give a decorative touch. Learn how to compose yours and get inspired by these photos!

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What to put in the bathroom tray

The first step in organizing your bathroom tray is to think about space: do you have too much or too little? In reduced areas, it is advised to prioritize essential products and objects in the routine. See the options:

  • soap holder
  • washcloths
  • cotton jar
  • Brush holder (tooth and hair)
  • skincare products
  • Perfumes
  • aroma diffuser
  • Decoration, such as flowers and candles

From personal hygiene items to skin care, everything is well organized with a good tuff tray!

Bathroom tray photos for Inspiration

1. Looking for a way to organize the bathroom

2. Some decorative Bathroom Tray

3. Investing in Bathroom Tuff trays is a great idea

4. Glass finishing Bathroom Tray

5. For all tastes and styles

6. From the darling rose gold bathroom Tuff tray

7. Even the versatile black bathroom tray


8. The tray can be 100% functional

9. Or just decorative

10. You decide

11. The white tray is wildcard


12. And the wooden one brings a natural touch to the bathroom


13. The tray can be discreet

14. Or stand out in the environment

15. The goal is to keep everyday items at hand

16. In a mega-charming way, of course


17. Here, clean bathroom with mirrored tray

18. Shades of pink for women’s bathroom

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19. Gray bathroom with copper Bathroom tray

20. See how many combinations there are?

21. The tray can be made of different materials

22. Like the glass bathroom tray

23. And other equally sophisticated ones


24. Bamboo tray is a good choice

25. As well as metallic parts

26. Just like the silver bathroom tray

27. The tray is often left in the bathroom sink

28. But it can be placed elsewhere

29. In the bathroom furniture

30. And even above the privy

31. How about a toilet paper tray?

32. The color gray is versatile


33. And it matches bathrooms of different tones


34. Little space? Small bathroom tray

35. Perfect for soap pots and brushes

36. Minimalist sink: just what you need

37. The pink tray matches women’s bathrooms


38. It’s just a delicacy

39. Another passionate idea

40. The tray is also a good choice for washrooms

41. Can be very elegant

42. Look at that luxury!

43. Marble tray: chic to the extreme

44. What’s not to like?


45. Do you like images that convey peace?

46. ​​The art of keeping everything organized

47. It even gives rest to the eyes

48. And the willingness to invest in a tray too

49. After all, the bathroom also deserves care in decoration

50. And attention to your details

51. It pays to follow your imagination

52. Place a comic in the tray

53. Your favorite decorations

54. And flowers for a finishing touch

55. It’s “plim bathroom” that speaks, right?

56. For extra charm, put little plants

57. Even if they are artificial

58. They bring more green and joy to the room

59. Not to mention they are affordable

60. Diffusers decorate and leave the bathroom smelling

61. Being a good choice for trays

62. Decorates and perfumes

63. Your tray can be round


64. square


65. Or rectangular

66. Big

67. Or small

68. With few items

69. Or with many

70. The important thing is to get everything in order!

Finding a tray that matches your home shouldn’t be a difficult task. And if you like paying attention to every detail, be sure to check out this list of 50 models of round bathroom mirrors !

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