Saylor Guilliams is still alive

Saylor Guilliams is still alive? Full Story

Internet is going crazy about Saylor Guilliams, Let us explain here what happened to her.

Brenda Vega and Sylor Guilliams are two friends who went hiking and they both fell off the cliff and went missing. Brenden Vega and Sylor Guilliams both were 22 years of age and both were from Ventura.

They were both found injured at Krntucky’s Tangerine Falls. According to reports, both were seriously injured. His hiking partner, Vega, suffered a serious injury to his arm but recovered. but it didn’t end because he was found dead in another location

This has made different allegations as to whether he died due to injury or he was murdered.

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Saylor Guilliams Full Story

Just before the night before of incident, Saylor Guilliams was walking with her friend Brendan Vega. A few days later they were nowhere to be found and were declared missing. On the day they were seen, Saylor Guilliams and her trekking partner Brenda Vega were seriously injured, some reports say they were both thrown off the trail.

Saylor Guilliams’ ankles and wrists were fractured while Vega had a serious arm injury, however, he managed to muster the strength to get up and seek help, unfortunately, he was unable to get back after accidentally falling 20-30 feet down a cliff. rocky.

On the same day, a trekking party discovered Brenden Vega’s body at 10:30 am on Monday. Other hikers noticed the injured woman 1-2 hours later on a different part of the route. She was seriously injured, trapped, and unable to move.

Some sources said Guilliams was dehydrated and had broken bones. She was in areas where it was very difficult to locate someone.

Luckily for her, she was found by other hikers who rescued her after rescuing Brenden Vega – her hiking partner who passed away.

She is currently recovering in a hospital. Following these events, further reports from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department stated that a Ventura resident was found dead Monday near Montecito’s Cold Spring Trail. (vega)

To this day, people still find it hard to believe that he died in an accident, while some believe that he was murdered, however, investigators have determined that Brenden Vega died due to an accident on a rocky cliff.

Is Saylor Guilliams still alive?

After the hiking accident incident that occurred after Saylor Guilliams was rushed to the hospital and given proper care, she is on the mend. unfortunately, his hiking buddy Brenden Vega was unable to make it after sustaining a severe arm injury, but he got up and went for help.

A 42-year-old Ventura man was found lifeless along the Cold Spring Trail in Monte.

Saylor Guilliams Picture

Looking at Guilliams as she was rescued from the incident, the walkers that were seen here were a bit hesitant because they didn’t know exactly what was going on, Guilliams was in pain and they had to do what they could.

Saylor Guilliams was rescued and airlifted to a Cottage Hospital after she regained consciousness. She learned that Vega had been found dead while looking for help.

Due to the bond, Vega had with Saylor Guilliam, Vega’s mother delayed her son’s funeral until Guilliams could attend.

Saylor underwent five surgeries before she was able to recover from all her injuries and now works as an assistant in her mother’s legal business. Furthermore, she resumed classes at the college she attended along with vega at Ventura College. She is currently taking a holistic healing course, which she was inspired to enroll in after her injuries.

Brenden Vega

Brendan Vegan was born on April 23, 1991 in Sylmar. He passed away after a hiking accident with a friend while trying to get help for her. He was just 22 years old when the incident happened. It wasn’t long after he graduated from high school

During the unfortunate incident, while it was still dark, they tried to use their cellphone light in the middle to light their way, but the place was too clogged and hard to see as they proceeded, both of them fell and kept getting hurt. Vega then went to look for help but did not return, additional reports from the Sheriff’s Office reported that cell service was also limited, and the pair screamed for help for hours.

Vega’s body was found Monday morning in a wooded, rocky area by a couple who were hiking in the area.

Saylor Guilliams Social Media

Saylor Guilliams Social Media
After going through this incident, many things have changed about Saylor, she currently works as her mother’s assistant and rarely posts on social media. However, she is on Instagram as well as Twitter and has few followers on these platforms.

She is not very active on social media but she is on Twitter and has a few posts on her page, you can check out her page and follow her.

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