Mother-dependent men: how to deal with them

Mother-dependent men: how to deal with them

Did you know that when a son related to his father marries a daughter related to his mother, they are more likely to succeed in the relationship? And you, have you stopped to analyze whether you are assuming the role of “daddy’s little girl” or “mama’s boy”? By looking back on your relationships, it’s quite possible that you’ll get closer to the answer!

Many relationships break down for exactly this reason: the man is very dependent on his mother. About many other cases, we can say that the husband is very attached to the mother, he is the type of man who shows more concern for his mother than for his wife and even for his own children.

How a man becomes dependent on his mother

You have to understand that everything starts from childhood when the boys become more attached to their mother and don’t care about their father. Although it often seems normal, the consequences in the future can be exactly the total dependence on your mother, even when you are already in a relationship with another woman.

Hence the need to advise mothers to teach their children to be independent as they grow and to teach them how important it is to become attached to the father. It is extremely important that the son, still in childhood, renounces the first woman in his life, who is his mother.

It is important to consider the fact that, as long as he does not pass into his father’s sphere, that is, as long as he does not take on paternal masculinity, it will be difficult for him to become a man.

It is natural for the boy to spend time in the mother’s sphere, but he needs to return to the father’s sphere and connect with masculinity.

How a woman should deal with men dependent on her mother

A positive first step would be to have a dialogue about this issue and clearly explain how uncomfortable this has made you as a wife.

After a conversation with your partner, also have a conversation with your partner’s mother, explaining the reasons that should motivate her to let go of her son and make him understand that it’s time to look more at his own life and your family (wife and children, if you have).

You have to trust the power of dialogue and be patient, as this is not something that everyone can change overnight.

Also, it takes a little more effort, trying to do exactly what attracted your husband to your mother. While this may not be the case, it is possible that part of the problem lies with the wife herself.

However, there are many cases of divorces and break-ups whose reasons behind everything were men’s dependence on the mother.

In any case, this should always be the last option to solve this problem.


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