How to get my husband to let go of his mother

How to get my husband to let go of his mother

There are different types of mama’s boy husbands, there are husbands who really love and appreciate their mother and you know they would do anything for her, but there are also those who are just like they are their mother’s slaves.

It’s actually a bit difficult to deal with, but don’t worry there are simple methods to get your husband to let go of your mother.

See below the steps you must follow to make your husband detach from his mother.

Understand why he is so attached to his mother

The first thing you have to understand is that there is a certain level of loyalty between your husband and your mother… and the reason this is the case is that mothers would do anything in the world for him.

You have to understand that for your husband to be a good man to you, he has to be a good son, because if he doesn’t appreciate and show loyalty to someone who had him and raised him, why would he appreciate you and show loyalty to you?

Show loyalty and fidelity

Men highly value loyalty and faithfulness, especially when it comes to women, because it’s something he got from his mother.

When the wife doesn’t necessarily show that loyalty (we’re not saying she has to be on the same level as her mother), but if she isn’t necessarily showing loyalty, she can’t really expect her husband to let go of his mother, someone who would take a bullet for him by a wife who knows she wouldn’t even make him a grilled cheese, it doesn’t make sense.

Never interfere in the husband’s relationship with his mother

Never try to put yourself in the middle of the love relationship your husband has with your mother.

Assuming you do as such, your husband will hate you for your unwelcome interruption of his own space.

Allow your husband to invest some time in your relationship with his mother, but you must be firm in making your husband understand that you don’t feel valued for the way he relates to his mother.

After the wedding, your husband must understand that he cannot, under any circumstances, be a mama’s boy.

Be firm about your own space

As your husband loves your mother, you love yours.

Honestly tell your husband that he can consider your mother, but he can’t cross the line.

If you are not firm in defining your boundaries, your husband will never understand that his relationship with his mother makes you uncomfortable.

Don’t look at your mother-in-law as an enemy

Your mother-in-law must understand that her son has a wife and has become responsible to you.

However, a single word of caution. His mother-in-law is not his enemy. She is your husband’s mother. She owes you respect.

So, never confront your mother-in-law with angry and harsh words.

Sympathetic understanding that when she purposely moves into your home to be with her son and see how he is being treated it is because she still sees him as her little one, she sincerely feels uncertain.

Try not to hurt her by spraying yourself with cruel words.

Do what you want to do

She reserves the option to continue her married life as necessary. The main person to whom you are responsible is your husband, no other individuals.

Don’t let your mother-in-law dictate how you dress, cook, or raise your children.

You must raise your children according to your wishes and not according to your mother-in-law’s obsolete wishes.


Your mother-in-law is someone to be reckoned with.

Your husband must definitely love your mother, however, he must also understand that he owes you his time, obligation and responsibility.

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