How valuable are your words?

How valuable are your words?

Have you ever wondered how valuable are your words? He stopped paying attention to the value of his words and keeping them.

In the long run, this habit will make you think of the person as irresponsible, insensitive, and ill-conceived.

Your Words Define You, How valuable are your words

Nothing gives a person more dignity than honesty.

Many unfulfilled promises are made in situations that force you to say “yes”. The first step to being honest is saying “no”. How? Well, maybe you’re like, “I don’t understand.” “I don’t know much about this subject.” “I don’t know if it will be until that date.” “I don’t think it will be on that date.” Maybe it’s embarrassing to say things like that.

They’ll probably say, “Yeah, I get it,” without a doubt, and bet it’s better to listen to what’s been said than to think behind the scenes.

If you keep your word, others will have a positive image of you.

When you need someone you can trust, they will hire you. You must have two more virtues: modesty and humility.


If we become anxious about how we are viewed by others, we will exaggerate our abilities.

Are you worthless just because you haven’t mastered any one field? Of course not!

If you make it clear that you are doing this kind of effort for the first time, you will have realistic expectations around you.

In fact, so-called “white lies”, or exaggerated or broken promises, undermine your values ​​and integrity. On the other hand, humility will make you feel like a worthy and leadership person.


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