Financial Goals: Why it’s important & How to Set

Financial Goals: Why it’s important & How to Set

Have you ever told yourself that you were going to get your Financial Goals in order, but then struggled to make any meaningful changes? I hear it from readers and training clients constantly.

“I don’t have even the remotest clue where to start.”

“I know I should set goals, but I just don’t know what goals to set.”

“I attempt to set aside cash, yet I figure I have nothing left toward the month’s end.”

If these sound like you, then this article is suitable for you. I share why it is important to set financial goals and how to set the financial goals you can achieve.

Why laying out financial goals is significant

Have you decided to start saving money just because you think you should pay? You tell yourself: “Indeed, I realize I ought to set aside cash, so I figure I will begin putting the excess cash I left toward the finish of every month into my bank account.”

In most cases, what happened is that you have nothing at the end of the month and will not save money in the end.


Because your savings have no purpose. When you set an intentional goal, you can make a plan to save it. However, it is difficult to be excited when you are saved for the purpose.

Setting financial goals will prompt you to know what you want, and then propose a plan.

Financial Goals


I saw many readers and guidance customers set any financial goals because they felt that they should do this. They turn on the credit card or start saving the house without real intentions. All of them are because some personal wealth management “experts” tell them that they should open the credit card or start saving the house.

When I help my funds to guide customers to set financial goals, I will practice with their imagination of my future. What will you see when you start a year of life? Two years? 5 years? Ten years?

Once you have this vision, consider which financial goals to achieve to achieve. What do you dream between you and you dream?


Imagine that you are traveling with your friends. What is the first thing you need to do? You enter your destination into GPS. The general doctor can provide you with a step -by -step instruction according to your starting point. However, because there is no starting point, the general doctor will not be able to use it as planned.

The target setting is not different. If you want to draw a route to achieve the ultimate goal, you must first determine where to start.

Suppose your major financial goal is to pay off debt. In order to make a plan and know when the goal is achieved, you need to know your starting point. In this case, including listing your debt list, including lenders, arrears and interest rates.


I dare to be sure that you are familiar with the concept of smart goals. But this is important, so let’s talk about the relationship between this concept and financial goals. The wise goal is:

  • Specific: The more specific, the better. Don’t just set a goal to make money from the side. Set a target that is, earning $ 1,000 by your side (for example).
  • Measurable: You can easily track the progress of this goal. $ 1,000 per month is very specific -you will determine whether it has achieved it and whether it is expected to achieve the goal. Moreover, once you know how much money you want to make every month, you will know what your daily and weekly goals should be.
  • Attainable: While setting high financial goals make sure this is the goal you can actually achieve. I all set huge goals -restrictions. Consider the needs of you to complete this goal, and carefully consider whether you have to pay.
  • Relevant: Make sure your financial goals are consistent with your core values and your position in the future. If your dream life includes your work at home, the goal of setting a target 1,000 US dollars in the first year is great, since it causes you to foster in the correct heading as opposed to misguided course. Since it makes you to foster in the correct heading as opposed to misguided course.
  • Time-bound: Do not achieve the time range of the goal. As long as we are allowed to complete a task, we often spend a long time. If your goal is completely open, then they seem to never be urgent. As you can see, we set a year range for the goals we use.


Once you decompose your goals into as many small action steps as possible, you should formulate a plan to achieve the goal. It usually looks like putting these tasks on the calendar.

Let’s return to our debt yield example. Maybe you will reserve half an hour tomorrow to list all debts, including loan and interest rates.

Then, next week you call each credit card company. In the process of doing this, you will jump on your account and set up automatic payment.

I don’t know you, but when I am actually in the calendar, I am likely to complete a task. Otherwise, only I keep taking notes and do something in the future without really remembering that I have time to do it.


One of the reasons why so many people strive to adhere to their goals is that they have no sense of responsibility. When they set goals for the first time, they were very excited about the goals, but then the motivation began to disappear.

So, how do we create an inquiry system? The following are some methods:

  • Write down your goal. Seriously, Truly, this is a stage that a great many people skip. Studies have shown that just writing your goal will make you more likely to achieve your goals.
  • Share your goal. When Brandon and I started to save RV, we told everyone -even before we saved a corner. But everyone in our lives knows that our goals have motivated us.
  • Track your progress. Remember, the intelligent goal is measured, which means you can measure its progress. Use notebooks, diary accounts, electronic tables, etc. to find a way to solve this operation.
  • Hire a money coach. If you are trying to establish a accountability system, please hire coaches! One of the benefits of money coach is that you always have a person in your corner to encourage you and promote you.


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