5 tips for stay-at-home moms to build a successful business

For many women, being a housewife is the perfect time to start a business. This is a time in life when being available to your family and in control of your time is more important than ever, and that’s what self-employment can really bring.

There are countless success stories of women who have built empires that started as kitchen table businesses that they set up while looking after young children. Mumsnet and Notonthehighstreet are two of the most famous. And next to these examples, there are thousands more women who chose to earn a living rather than a fortune. Whatever your aspirations, it is entirely possible to build a successful business as a housewife. Here are some tips to inspire you and help you avoid common mistakes.

Get Organized

You can’t run a business if you don’t organize yourself well. Set a clear vision and goals. Create to-do lists to keep up with your schedule and quickly switch from one task to another. Avoid as many interruptions as possible. If you get interrupted, you can go back to your to-do list and pick up where you left off.

Be productive in your business and as a parent

Focus is extremely important, but your kids need you just as much as they need your business, so make the most of your flexibility as a housewife to spend time with your kids. Don’t feel bound by traditional “work hours” unless it’s necessary. If you have a flexible work schedule, then it may make sense to work when they sleep, at school or in kindergarten. Being able to manage your time means you have the ability to be fully present as a parent and run a business at the same time.

Have your own space

Sometimes the kitchen may seem convenient, but it’s much better to have your own work space. You need a private space that you can escape to so you can focus on your work. It also sets some boundaries. People will know not to disturb you while you are there.

Make sure you have a good internet connection

A reliable internet connection is critical, but starting a business doesn’t mean you have to look for a business broadband package. The fastest home broadband packages offer speeds in excess of 350 Mbps, which is more than enough to cover all your broadband needs. It also explains those weird times when the whole family might decide to stream 4k video during work hours. But don’t worry, most broadband deals will fully satisfy your need for speed.

However, take into account that as a parent working from home, it’s likely that the space you’ve designated for your home office may not always be as quiet as you thought. Moving around the house multitasking at the same time and looking for the momentary peace you might need is almost a guarantee. Look for wireless broadband providers that offer the best technology for everyone in the home, without relying on a wired connection to limit your movement and your ability to adapt to the ever-changing situations that take place in your home every day.

Get help around the house

Despite the image of the 24/7 entrepreneur, no entrepreneur does it alone, so take the help of others. The point is to focus your time on tasks that only you can do. Try outsourcing everything else. This includes helping both at home and in business. Have someone do household chores like cleaning or babysitting while you work. Make a list of all the tasks you need to complete in your business and see if you can outsource them. Hiring a virtual assistant would be beneficial and could save you money when you compare the cost of hiring one with the cost of the hours you get for paid work.

Being a stay-at-home mom when building a business can mean that your business will grow more gradually at first. Keeping your expectations realistic will allow you to work relentlessly towards your goals and enjoy the sweet taste of success as you achieve them, rather than feeling frustrated and giving up halfway through.

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