Mother's Day Trivia Questions

80 Mother’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Mothers Trivia Quiz Questions You’ll Love

Looking for something fun to do this Mother’s Day? Read and have fun with these fun Mother’s Day trivia questions and answers. We bet you’ll learn a lot about these amazing women!

Next coming Mother’s day is on Sun, May 12, 2024

Start with Easy Mother’s Day Trivia Question:

1. What is mothers Day Month?

Answer is May

2. What is the most popular gift on Mother’s Day?

Custom Greeting Cards

3. Is Mother’s Day on the same date every year?

No. It’s always on the second Sunday in May.

4. Why is it that the word mom starts with a “ma” sound in almost every language?

Observation says that It’s the first sound a baby makes.

5. Mother’s Day marks the most         on any given day of the year.

phone calls (phone traffic spikes as much as 37%!)

6. Mother’s Day is the busiest day for ________.

Restaurants (Give your mother a Kitchen free day on Mother’s Day!)

7. What day of the week that most babies born?


8. People buy lots of flowers on Mother’s Day. What are the other two holidays that have the most flower sales?

Valentine’s Day and Christmas

9. True or False: The celebration of moms actually dates back to ancient times.

True. Ancient Greek and Roman myths allude to the fact that Greeks and Romans celebrated Mother’s Day by honoring the goddesses of Mother Earth, fertility, and the mother of the Gods.

10. What type of Flowers is associated with Mother’s Day?

Carnations are the Flowers mostly given to mothers on Mother’s Day. The white carnation is said to symbolize motherhood and is used to both honor a mother who has passed away and celebrate a mother who is still living.

Carnations are the Flowers mostly given to mothers on Mother's day

11. When do kids spend more money on Mother’s day or Father’s Day?

More money is spent on Mother’s Day according to YouGov Poll

12. Aside from cards and flowers, what’s another popular gift?

Jewelry (services like the spa and beauty salons also get a boost)

13. What is the average number of children that women have these days?


14. What is the highest number of babies that have been born at one time?


15. In which month are the most babies born in the U.S.?

August (According to the CDC) July-October are the busiest months

16. In which month are the least babies born in the U.S.?


17. What day of the week is there the least number of births?

Sunday (source)

18. What are the most popular activities to do on Mother’s Day?

You could say: go to church (Mother’s Day ranks third behind Christmas and Easter), anything that involves spending time with mom, or service industry activities like beauty salons, restaurants, etc.

19. What is the most common birthdate in the year?

September 9th

20. What is the least common birthday date in the year?

December 25th

Hard Mother’s Day Trivia Questions

Now, these mom trivia questions will make you think hard. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about this interesting holiday!

21. How did Mother’s Day start?

After the civil war, organizer Ann Jarvis started a committee to foster community between mothers on both sides of the war. She began “Mother’s Friendship day.” Julia Ward Howe also wrote a “Mother’s Day proclamation” to promote peace.

Ann’s daughter later changed the day to honor her own mother. (

22. What year was the first Mother’s Day celebrated?


23. What year did the president sign Mother’s Day into law as a national holiday?


24. Which president signed the holiday into law?

Woodrow Wilson

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25. How did Ann’s daughter react to how the holiday changed over time?

She hated how commercialized Mother’s Day became and felt it took away from the real purpose of the holiday. She eventually spent all of her money opposing the new holiday.

26. Over ______ was spent on Mother’s Day in 2022.

31 billion (source)

27. Carnations were first used on Mother’s Day to symbolize and honor moms. What did a red carnation mean?

A red carnation meant the mother was living.

28. What did a white carnation mean?

That she had passed.

29. What do they call Mother’s Day in England?

Mothering Sunday

30. Over how many countries celebrate Mother’s Day?

Over 50 countries. However, not everyone celebrates in the second week of May.

31. If a stay-at-home mom’s position was paid, how much would they make?

According to, and in comparison to other jobs and the work expected of moms, it’s $184,820 (BusinessInsider)

32. How many mother’s live in the U.S?

85 million (source)

33. What was the Most Common Baby name in U.S 2022

Olivia for a girl. Liam for a boy.

34. How likely is it that a woman will give birth to multiple babies at one time?

Just over 3% (or 3 in 100). About 97% of these are twins. (source)

35. What is the highest number of children one woman has birthed in total?

The mom with the most kids is Mrs. Feodor Vassilyev of Russia. She gave birth to 69 children between 1725 and 1765.

36. What has been the heaviest human baby ever born?

The heaviest human baby was born to Signora Carmelina Fedele in Aversa, Italy in 1955. Her son weighed 22 pounds, 8 ounces.

37. What has been the smallest human baby ever born?

Kwek Yu Xuan was just 7.47oz when she was born in Singapore in 2020 (the weight of an apple)(source)

38. What is the average age women are first becoming mothers?

About 26 years old

39. How old was the oldest woman to ever give birth?

74 in 2019

40. What percentage of American adults plan on celebrating Mother’s Day?


41. According to the 2022 U.S. Census Bureau, there are 10.9 million one-parent families in the U.S. What percentage of these families are single moms?


42. How many diapers does a mom change by the time her baby is 2 years old?

Approximately 7,300 diapers. This is based on a single child, and changing the diaper every two-three hours (The American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation)

43. The longest pregnancy ever recorded was how many days?

375 days. (Typical pregnancies last around 280 days)

44. Which U.S. State was the first state to celebrate Mother’s Day?

West Virginia

45. What happens when a fetus hears his/her mother’s voice?

In studies, the heart rate has been shown to increase or decrease when hearing the maternal voice.

46. Which U.S. state has the highest birth rate? (Birth rate is the number of live births per 1,000 population)


47. Which state has the lowest birth rate?


Funny Mothers Trivia Questions For Mother’s Day

Funny Mothers Trivia Questions For Mother’s Day

These Mother’s Day trivia questions are fun, quirky, and a bit random!

48. Which U.S. State is called the “Mother of Presidents” because 8 presidents have been born there?


49. A mother orangutan has the longest nursing dependency of any animal. How many years do they nurse their children?

6 to 7 years

50. What animal has the longest pregnancy?

African elephants are pregnant for an average of 22 months.

51. A baby koala will feed her young her own_____.

Feces. Baby koalas (Joeys) haven’t yet developed the intestinal bacteria to be able to digest poisonous Eucalyptus leaves.

52. What animal delivers the largest baby?

Blue whales (these newborns are the size of a small car!)

53. What popular show (airing from 1985 to 1992) did this line come from:

“It’s not easy being a mother. If it were, fathers would do it.”

—The Golden Girls

54. In the movie Mamma Mia, how many men was the mother with, all of which could be Sophie’s father?


55. Who said this famous quote about his mother:

“All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

Abraham Lincoln

56. This cute furry animal will eat its young if it needs extra nutrients, the baby looks abnormal, or the mom feels threatened.


57. IN Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated in which Month?

August (the birthday of the current queen in Thailand)

58. Which Taylor Swift song from her 2008 album speaks to her daughter-mother relationship?

The Best Day

59. What British pop band sang the song “Mama”?

The Spice Girls

60. Which American rock band sang the song “Stacy’s Mom”?

Fountains of Wayne

61. The day after Mother’s Day sparks a surge in this type of online site.

Online cheating sites (their sign-ups spike by at least 442 percent after the holiday)

Famous Mothers Trivia Questions and Answers

How much do you know of these real and fictional famous mothers? Try the Mother’s Day trivia quiz now!

62. What is the mom’s superhero name in the movie The Incredibles?


63. Who is called the Mother of Modern Physics?

Marie Curie

64. In the show Game of Thrones, who is referred to as the “Mother of Dragons?”

Daenerys Targaryen

65. What is the name of Luke Skywalker’s mother in the Star Wars Series?

Padmé Amidala

66. In this popular 90’s cartoon sitcom, who is the moral compass (and ever so patient) mom of the family?

Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)

67. Name the Famous Movie when Mom left her Child home Alone during Christmas?

Kate McAllister (Home Alone)

68. Who is the famous mom of the British royal family who died when her boys were young?

Princess Diana

69. What is the name of Harry Potter’s mother in the book and movie series?

Lily Potter

70. What is the name of the mother who took Harry under her wing and treated him like one of her own?

Molly Weasley

71. What is Mother Theresa famous for?

Her missionary work among the poorest of the poor. Her organization also opened hospices, orphanages, and leper houses in multiple countries.

72. Why was she called “Mother” Theresa?

When she joined the Irish order Sisters of Loreto, she was given the name Sister Teresa. She became Mother Teresa after making her final vows. Most women who make it to the highest levels of the religious order are referred to as “Mother.”

73. Who is the famous mother of Eric Foreman on that 70s show?

Kitty Foreman

74. In the show Gilmore Girls, who was the single mom who raised her daughter Rory?

Lorelai Gilmore

75. In the movie Bad Moms, what does Amy bring to the bake sale that gets her daughter benched on the soccer team?

Store-bought donut holes

76. Who wins the election for PTA president in the movie?

Amy, after giving an inspiring speech about how moms need to take time off and allow themselves to make mistakes.

77. To this fictional superhero, this woman was actually an aunt, but took on the loving role of a mother.

Aunt May (The aunt of Spiderman)

78. What is the mother’s name in the Adams family?

Morticia Addams

79. Mama always said that life is like a box of chocolates. Who was this wise mama?

Mrs. Gump (Forest Gump)

80. Who painted the famous painting called “The Madonna Litta” of a mother breastfeeding her child?

Leonardo Da Vinci

81. Who the Mother Loves the Most Son or Daughter?


These Mother’s Day Trivia Questions will make your Mother’s day celebration the most memorable ever. Always take good care of your mom. No Matter what Moms must come first.

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