Funny Cousin Quotes You Can Say

35 Funny Cousin Quotes You Can Say

Anyone lucky enough to have cousins ​​knows how funny these family members can be, and sharing funny quotes about cousins ​​is often the best way to show how much a cousin really means.

Having cousin quotes on hand makes it very easy to celebrate these special family members, but not everyone can easily come up with a great quote to show their love and affection for their cousins. Using ready-made quotes is the best way to make sure that the feelings are conveyed correctly.

Since all cousins ​​are different, it is important to take the time to choose a quote about cousins. This ensures that the quote fits the cousin’s personality and that he will like it and not be offended. While some people can easily express what they think of their cousin, others will be much better off using a quote.

Popular sayings about cousins ​​worth sharing

The great thing about these cousin quotes is that they can be easily used for any special holiday or event. The quote about cousins ​​is perfect to add to a holiday card or to write on a greeting card.

Proms, special occasions, and even just daily greetings are made more fun and personable with a quote about the relationship and importance of cousins. That’s why we have 35 great cousin sayings that you can choose from when you want to express yourself easily.

1. Cousins ​​are like siblings from the other parent. Whenever they get together, it’s a guarantee of fun and laughter.

2. It’s good that we were born in the same family and have known each other since childhood. We have become the best friend and the best partner. I love you my cousin!

3. Dear cousin, you are my first real friend with whom I spent the best childhood. Thank you for such love and support. I adore you!

4. My sister and cousin, what a joy that we are part of the same family. Your existence gives me pleasure, and I hope that our friendship and love will last forever.

5. You are more than a cousin to me. You are my brother and my best partner. I am very lucky to have such a sweet, loving and caring cousin. Love you!

6. My dear cousin, you are always in my heart, so that no distance can separate us. I hope that our bond will always remain the same.

7. Whenever I’m with you, my days become unusual. In all the best and worst moments, in all joys and sorrows, I know that I can count on our pure friendship, dear cousin!

8. Communication and friendship between cousins ​​​​never stop, they grow stronger over time. My cousin, I just hope that we will always be best friends!

9. We grew up as sisters and became best friends. My beloved cousin, I always want to be by your side, no matter what happens. You are the best!

10. God fulfilled my desire to have a brother by sending you to our family. My cousin and younger brother, I love you with all my heart. Remember that you can always count on me.

11. I am the happiest person, having grown up in the best family with the best cousins. I wish that the love that we all have for each other lasts forever!

12. I couldn’t think of anyone better than you to be my cousin. You are not only a part of my family, but also a part of me.

13. I am proud to say that I have the best cousin anyone would want to have. Thank you so much cousin for creating such beautiful and special memories with me.

14. I miss the time we spent together, our laughter and everything we shared. Although we are not together today, you are always close to my heart.

15. When I am with you, my days become beautiful. You know how to cheer me up and make my day better. I love you, the craziest cousin in the world!

16. Whenever I see you, I think how can a person be so boring! Just kidding! You are perfect, and I am very pleased that you are my cousin. I love you!

17. Nobody knows me better than you. You are not only the best cousin, but also my sister by heart. I hope God will always be with you and give you the wonderful life you deserve!

18. I am proud to be the cousin of such a wonderful person. You have always inspired me, supported me and did everything you could. I’m happy that you are in my life!

19. I have always considered you my brother and I know that you feel my love for you. Keep in mind that you are very special to me.

20. My heart smiles when I think about the memories of our childhood. In all my good memories you are near. I love you my cousin!

21. There are special people that we always keep on the left side of the chest. Dear cousin, you are one of those special people with whom I have always felt good.

22. Beautiful cousin, you are a source of happiness for our family. I always love being with you. May God continue to bless your life path!

23. Family parties end with your presence, because you are the soul of our family. Keep being cheerful and full of life! I love you, buddy!

24. You were always with me when I needed it the most. Dear cousin, remember, I will always be here to cheer for your victories and achievements.

25. You are one of the most important people in my life, dear cousin. I believe in you and I know you will succeed in all areas. My good wishes are always with you!

26. In you, I have always found an older brother, a mentor and, of course, a friend. I can’t describe what you mean to me and your meaning in my life. I just pray to God to give you all the happiness you truly deserve!

27. You always live in my memory, because our connection is eternal. Dear cousin, thank you for being so special. I wish that your heart is always filled with joy and pleasure!

28. It is a privilege that you are my cousin. I always found you next to me. You deserve to have the very best. May God always be with you and help you realize your dream!

29. You have always accompanied me and supported me. You are special, dear cousin, and you will forever be in my heart. May God bless you always and give you a blessed life!

30. Every day our union is getting stronger. I am sure that without you my life would be boring and colorless. Be very happy and celebrate your life every day! I love you my cousin!

31. You are my friend and brother, who everyone should have in life. I love you with all my heart and am so happy to share my life with you. I hope you can get whatever you want!

32. I am always grateful to God for placing us in one family, and you have become so close to my heart that I cannot imagine life without you. Thank you for being the best cousin!

33. Joy is doubled when a cousin also becomes your best friend. The memories we shared are very special to me and I have to admit that I had the best time of my life with you.

34. I know we don’t meet every day, but it’s true that we will always be there. Dear cousin, count on me because I am always by your side.

35. We spent so many years together that it is very difficult to determine which moment was the best. Thank you so much for everything you have ever done for me. Good luck in life!

All of our 35 Cousin Quotes are perfect to share with your cousin and are sure to make you feel closer to them no matter how far apart you are. They’re fun, designed to put a smile on your face, and perfect for enhancing relationships. Let us know which of our great sayings or quotes you have chosen to make you feel closer to your cousin.

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