Music therapy is a treatment focused on restoring the patient’s health and quality of life.

It promotes the patient’s learning and helps them relate to their surroundings.

Music therapy is a treatment focused on restoring the patient’s health and quality of life. In other words, it is a treatment that helps rehabilitation.

Who is Rolando Bennenzon?

He also opened the first music therapy department at the University of San Salvador, Buenos Aires.

Bennenzon is the world’s most famous expert in the use of music therapy for patients with autism and coma, and is also famous in the field of expert training.

Bennenzon Treatment

The relationship between the therapist and the patient is very important.

Music therapy encompasses a variety of sources, including sounds, movements, music, and the body itself. It entails a number of actions that help the individual to integrate into the community and develop the learning process.

Sound Identity

‘Sound identity’ may sound a bit abstract.

Sound identity refers to the sum of energies formed by sound, motion, and stillness that characterize all mankind.

Sound identity refers to what the human senses can feel.

Gestalt sound identity is unique to the individual himself. In other words, it is what characterizes the individual and sets him apart from others.

Humans accumulate genetically inherited sound energy in the unconscious.

Sounds Made During Pregnancy

Sounds that occur during pregnancy and form part of an individual’s gestalt sound identity affect the individual.

Mother’s blood flow through the lining of the uterus

A mother’s heartbeat creates a great sense of satisfaction.

The mother’s voice is also very important and meaningful to the formation of the baby’s gestalt sound identity. These stimuli offer two things to the developing fetus. You can hear the mother’s voice and feel the vibrations of her voice.

Hearing is the supreme sense that connects the fetus to the outside world. Several studies have shown that when an unborn baby begins to perceive a specific auditory stimulus, it responds to it.

For example, when a baby recognizes a song and hears it, it sucks a finger, blinks its eyelids, or increases its heart rate.

Music Therapy During Pregnancy

Music therapy during pregnancy can produce very positive results. There are many activities that can please the mother during each stage of pregnancy.

What’s more, it helps build bonds between parents and children. It’s a stronger bond than a naturally connected relationship.

A music therapist can help reduce the level of stress and reduce the uncomfortable feelings a mother may have about her pregnancy.

In addition, the therapist tells the mother a lot about the pregnancy and makes her accept the process she is going through.

The fetus can hear sounds from the womb after 14 weeks.

As the baby listens to the mother and father’s voice and lullaby, the emotional connection is further strengthened.

Music therapy during pregnancy is intended to have a positive effect on the growth of the baby by expressing feelings of love, acceptance, and peace.