How a woman can succeed in the digital marketing industry and overcome adversity


When you discover the world of digital marketing, it’s like traveling through the rainforest. It’s a wild ride and the deeper you go the more confused and lost you get. For women in the industry, the path to traditional and non-traditional success is likely to look different from that of our male counterparts. Women in Digital NRG decided to shed light on this topic for all business women and those who are just starting their journey to success. If you’re wondering how to make the wild ride, read on and find out how to succeed in the digital marketing industry and in business.

The Beginning – A Brief History of Women in Marketing

Looking back at the marketing industry as a whole, you will find that until around 2019, marketing was dominated by men. In 1971 the gap was about 40%, and 10 years ago the gap was still about 10.4%. As women come together to pave the way for success in the industry, we are getting closer and closer to closing the existing gap, with female marketers currently being paid an average of 12.6% less than our male counterparts. Senior roles are much harder to get, and our voices and concerns may not be heard, even if they are the loudest in the room. We know the road is never easy, however with so many great communities in the digital marketing industry like girls in marketingand powerful people like Lily Ray and Arey Athere has never been a stronger community fighting for one outcome.

How do we move forward in the world of digital marketing?

Quote from: Emily (Chapter Paid media at DNRG)

Real actions you can start doing today:

1. Follow your core passion

Whether you choose to go the traditional or non-traditional path, the first rule of success is to really look inside yourself and find your purpose. It sounds deep, and that’s how it should be! What will get you out of bed every morning? If you are passionate about the Earth, you might consider marketing roles related to charity or activism, while if your cup of tea is related to health or automobiles, then look for roles in these sectors.

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2. Look for an inclusive company

Inclusion can be perceived by people in different ways, but there are some good signs: equal pay, women leaders in leadership positions, and visible diversity across the board. The internet is a wonderful beast and you can really read between the lines of company profiles, social media posts, employee morale and how they talk about the company. If you have the slightest unpleasant premonition, trust your instincts and look for other ways.

3. Don’t be afraid to take on a mentor or coach

Every successful person will have someone who will listen and guide, guide, dispel unnecessary worries, scare away the impostor syndrome, and guide you towards becoming the strong woman you are meant to be. Here I am not talking about your significant other, or friends, or parents; I mean someone who is not emotionally attached to you. Emotions can change decisions and advice in many ways, often benefiting the other person rather than you. So, finding a mentor who has been in your shoes, who you look up to, or who gives you first-hand advice is a must if you are to succeed. Constant reflection and reflection on how far you have come and how you would like to move forward will help you keep your vision fresh every day.

Quote from: Freya (Senior SEO Executive and CRO host)

4. Challenge what is wrong

For so many decades, women have been silenced, accepted the role of the default parent or “housewife” and put their needs and ambitions at the bottom of the priority list. Powerful women have fought over the years for the privilege we enjoy today. This may seem intimidating at first (if so, you’re working for a company that needs a lot of cultural development), but challenging what’s wrong is essential if you want to be a successful woman in any industry and a respected leader.

Quote from: Amy (SEO Executive Director and co-owner of Andromeda Cheer & Dance)

5. Manage your stress. Is it even stress?

Stress is an unnecessary emotion. Waste of emotion. For years, even today, people have often misjudged and mis-expressed their emotions. They may say they’re stressed when in fact they feel unheard, frustrated, frustrated, like they’re in an unfair situation, the list goes on (verified by many women in the industry). The most practical way to deal with stress is to allow yourself to feel, breathe, express your emotions, and express them effectively in the workplace. Women are not “too emotional”, they are emotional enough to accurately express their feelings and educate those who may find it foreign.

Finally, keep track of your menstrual cycle to support your business success.

Many of us still don’t understand why talking about menstruation is such a taboo when you’re surrounded by male leaders. There are always exceptions, but in the vast majority of cases, this is an unspoken, unheard of topic that actually has a huge impact on the day-to-day functions of all women. This is what makes us “us” and it deserves respect, at least recognition, that depending on where you are in your cycle, your productivity, energy level, motivation, how you face, will differ. (Fun fact, men have cycles too, and everyone should learn more about it!)

How can you balance your work life with your menstrual cycle?

menstrual phase: Day 1-7. Concentrate on increasing the levels of endorphins, which block pain receptors, to make you feel more comfortable during this time.

You may feel a decrease in energy, pain, malaise and lack of motivation, but as you exit the menstrual phase, you will feel an increase in self-confidence. During this time, be kind to your body and mind and make sure you pay attention to what your body is telling you. As with the luteal phase, don’t schedule important appointments or life-changing decisions for the first couple of days of the menstrual phase, as you won’t be able to navigate them as you normally would.

Follicular phase: Day 7-13 – Increased estrogen levels

You will see an increase in mood and energy, you will likely feel more creative, inspired, focused and ready to tackle the day and be unstoppable! Schedule any important meetings, presentation days, sales meetings, challenging tasks, and workout days during this period so you can make the most of those higher estrogen levels.

Ovulation phase: Day 14-20 – Testosterone surge

Most likely, you will feel the strongest and most capable. This is the best time to open up to new possibilities, brainstorm and take your creativity to the next level. Try to take advantage of this time and do any creative work along with the tasks recommended in your follicular phase.

luteal phase: Day 20-28 – High Progesterone

You will feel more tired, find yourself feeling exhausted more quickly, and your resistance to external triggers will be much lower.

Focus on less demanding tasks if possible, reschedule important meetings, take frequent 3-5 minute breaks throughout the day to boost productivity. Go outside, take frequent naps, be gentle, and cuddle (yes, even at work!). British culture may be very inclined to keep people apart, more than ever, but human connections are healthy. Just because you’re surrounded by seniors and professionals doesn’t mean you can’t give them a friendly hug when they’re struggling, and vice versa. You will not lose respect, if anything, you will gain it even more, because we are all people!

Fortunately, this is being talked about more and more, whether in the workplace, on social media, published books, blogs and vlogs, or research done that allows us to learn more and more about our bodies every day. Challenge yourself and consider your cycle in everything you do and allow yourself to see the benefits both in your career and beyond.

Quote from: Jade Smith (Senior SEO Strategist)

The future belongs to women?

Honestly, no. Equality is the future. Whether or not we move out of the business context to the world, inequality in living conditions, wages, education, races, etc. is a fundamental cause of hardship and conflict in the world. When people of different faiths, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, gender identities, and class backgrounds are truly treated equally on merit in the workplace, and not just on the surface visible to the public, then we will know that we have succeeded. But at the same time, let’s not divert attention from women’s rights and equality, there is still a long way to go. Let’s just make sure we look at this across the intersection so that when we think about women in positions of power, it also goes hand in hand with the rights of the most disadvantaged women.

“When it comes to success in the digital marketing industry, it’s time to truly believe in yourself, open your heart to authenticity and resilience, and move forward towards your goal.

Fear is a sign that you are stepping out of your comfort zone, and seeing that staying in your comfort zone means no progress, you should be worried about restrained fear. And don’t forget; passion, inclusion, mentoring, finding out what’s wrong, managing stress, and getting your monthly cycle deserved coverage will allow you to thrive in the body you’ve been gifted. We’re always here to talk about empowerment, women in business, digital marketing and everything in between, so connect with us through our LinkedIn profiles.” He speaks Mercedes Molnarhead of SEO at a digital marketing agency.


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