Features of the 24th Week of Pregnancy

Features of the 24th Week of Pregnancy

By the 24th week of pregnancy, pregnant women will experience more flushing and sweat than usual. This is because pregnant women gain weight and have a higher heart rate.

Today, let’s look at the characteristics of the 24th week of pregnancy. At 24th weeks of pregnancy, your body goes through many changes. As with any pregnancy, hormonal processes, changes in belly size, and discomfort can manifest in some way.

Babies don’t stop moving at 24th ¬†weeks of pregnancy.


Length 30cm

At this stage, the baby weighs 30 cm and weighs 600 g. As the baby’s skin begins to develop, a protective layer containing dead skin cells is formed. Acquire the shape of a newborn baby;

At this point, the lungs align their branches and begin to produce surface-active substances. Surface-active substances are substances responsible for proper lung function. Occasionally, your baby’s rib cage will shake with hiccups, which is completely normal.


Doctors must provide care and treatment to save the baby.

At this stage, babies are very fragile and require intensive care to save their lives. Premature infants born at 24th weeks of gestation die because their lungs are not well formed.

Why the Fetus Hiccups

Fetal hiccups strengthen the lungs. Also, the 24th week of pregnancy is called the fetal survival age.

Characteristics of Week 24th Week of Pregnancy: Pregnant Women

During this period, a pregnant woman’s body undergoes many changes.

There are many exercises that pregnant women can do, but it is important to consult with your doctor before starting.

Why Do Stretch Marks Occur?

Stretch marks are caused by an enlarged body and occur on the buttocks, chest, and stomach. However, stretch marks can be controlled with creams, a good diet and exercise.

Hot Flushes at 24th Weeks of Pregnancy

At this stage, women experience more flushing than usual and begin to sweat. This is because pregnant women gain weight and have a higher heart rate.

The important thing is to always stay hydrated and wears light clothing.

Wash Thoroughly

Being overweight can cause wrinkles on the body, such as the lower part of the chest. Therefore, it is important to bathe frequently and dry the wrinkles well to avoid irritation.

Fatigue and Paleness

Pregnant women at 24th weeks of pregnancy tend to look pale and tired, and may experience dizziness and anemia. This symptom is due to a significant drop in iron levels and is very common during pregnancy.

As red blood cells decrease and the baby demands more, it affects the pregnant woman’s body and causes anemia to develop.

Well-being at 24th Weeks of Pregnancy

If you are traveling during this time, you should take some precautions. Never ride a motorcycle while pregnant.

A woman begins to feel pain in her lower back and spine.


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