Features of the 23rd Week of Pregnancy


By the 23rd week of pregnancy, the fetus is usually about the size of a large mango.

Learn more about the changes in the 23rd week of pregnancy. A woman should take care of her body throughout her pregnancy, but during the 23rd week of pregnancy, special attention should be paid to any activity that requires physical exertion. These activities can directly affect fetal lung development.

At 23rd weeks pregnant, the baby is 11 cm tall and weighs about 0.5 kg. By this time, the fetus is usually the size of a large mango.

At this point, the mother can feel the baby moving in the womb. These movements are achieved through music or other light stimuli.

23 weeks fetus

Pink Eyes and Skin

At this stage, babies are born pink, regardless of the color of their eyes and skin. At 23rd weeks of fetal development, the skin is also much wrinkled. This is because the skin is still very thin and the veins are very visible. A baby’s true skin color appears in the first year of life.

Developing Lungs

At 23rd weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s lungs are fully developed, but they take several months to fully form.

For this reason, it is very important for the mother to avoid excessive effort. All physical activity should be moderate and you should get plenty of rest.

Experts in this field have proven that every baby develops in a different way, even in the womb. It is important to know each stage of your baby’s development during the nine months of pregnancy.

23rd Weeks of Pregnant Mom

During this stage of pregnancy, the body goes through many changes. At this point, the headache tends to decrease. These headaches are usually caused by changes in hormones and blood circulation. A stuffy nose can also cause headaches.

Notable changes that occur at 23rd weeks of pregnancy include:

Sensitive Gums

When a woman becomes pregnant, more blood flows into her body tissues, including the oral tissues. When this happens, it is common for pregnant women to experience bleeding gums known as ‘pregnancy gingivitis’.

Even if your gums bleed, you should continue to brush and floss carefully. If gingivitis is severe, you need to see a specialist.

Periodontitis is one of the most serious gum diseases, which actually infects the bones. Therefore, it is very important to see a doctor as soon as possible if the problem becomes serious.

Body Swelling

During the 23rd week of pregnancy, the mother’s body swells. The ankles and feet tend to swell, a problem called edema. Edema is caused by changes in blood chemistry and usually gets worse during the day. However, it returns to normal after childbirth.

Enlarged Uterus

At the 23rd week of pregnancy, the uterus enlarges. An enlarged uterus puts pressure on the veins, causing problems with blood circulation in the legs. The enlarged uterus makes the woman urinate more often after childbirth.

Excess Body Fluids

Excess body fluid at 23rd weeks of pregnancy disappears after childbirth. As mentioned earlier, women tend to urinate more than usual, and in this way the body gets rid of the accumulated fluid.

Women experience many hormonal changes throughout pregnancy, but all return to normal after childbirth.

23rd Weeks Fetal Development

At 23rd weeks of gestation, the baby is very small, but the actual form is already complete. From this point on, the baby’s body continues to form from within and the organs are strengthened. At 23rd weeks, your baby’s eyebrows and fur will acquire the color in their DNA.

Muscle Pulling Action

At 23rd weeks, your baby will yawn and sleep, as well as other muscle-pulling movements. The baby’s muscles, like the organs in the ears, are already much more developed.

As a result, the baby responds to sounds around it. Over time, you can distinguish and remember each sound.


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