If you’re not pregnant yet, but are trying, your partner should also control their alcohol intake.

Alcohol is a drug. Therefore, it should be consumed in moderation or completely discontinued. Alcohol is especially dangerous if you are pregnant, do you know why? In today’s article, let’s look at how alcohol can affect the fetus.

How Alcohol Affects the Fetus

Alcohol has a direct effect on the fetus. Alcohol consumed by the mother penetrates the baby’s body through the bloodstream.

And while the mother’s body can get rid of the alcohol it consumes, the baby does not. Your baby’s organs are still forming and aren’t ready to perform these tasks.

The presence of alcohol in the baby’s body during pregnancy can have fatal consequences. It can also cause deficiency and malformations, as well as fetal alcohol syndrome . This syndrome accounts for at least 20% of fetal malformations.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Babies who experience fetal alcohol syndrome during pregnancy have a number of common characteristics. Most of these babies suffer from facial deformities. These malformations provide the following general characteristics and characteristics:

  • Wide and flat face
  • Small skull circumference
  • Wide and low nose bridge
  • Narrow ptosis of the eyelids
  • Ear deformity

Two stages are observed in children with developmental disabilities due to fetal alcohol syndrome. One is the prenatal stage and the other is the postnatal stage.

Brain Development Problems

It is important to monitor your baby’s brain development. It should be borne in mind that babies are born with a very small skull circumference. This factor comes into play when the child’s functional abilities develop. In many cases, this can lead to mental defects.

Damage that occurs in the nervous system damages the central nervous system, among other things. Therefore, it is common for these babies to have developmental delays. Such delays may result in mild abnormalities or severe intellectual retardation.

Behavioral Problems

It often regresses eventually into behavioral problems and other disorders. These may include irritability, tremors, hyperactivity, anxiety, and changes in motor function.


It can lead to serious deformities. These malformations may be present in the heart, eyes or even kidneys. It can also turn into a deformity of the limbs.

Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy is Strictly Prohibited

If you’re curious about how alcohol can affect your baby during pregnancy and whether you can drink alcohol during pregnancy, read on to the end.

In fact, the various studies conducted do not yield definitive data. While it’s true that very small amounts may not have obvious effects on the fetus, it’s best not to drink them.

These problems can appear in babies even if the mother regularly drinks small amounts of alcohol. Therefore, the only possible solution is to avoid alcohol altogether.

If you’re not pregnant yet, but are trying, your partner should also control their alcohol intake. Why? A recent study found that if dads regularly drink large amounts of alcohol, it can have adverse consequences.

If you drink alcohol before your baby is fertilized, your baby is at increased risk of suffering from leukemia in the future. This is on the grounds that alcohol causes changes in chromosomes. All of this causes changes in the proteins involved in the development of leukemia.

In fact, the same is true of cigarettes. Therefore, it is important for couples who want to have children not to drink alcohol or smoke.


Presently you know what liquor can mean for your child during pregnancy. Regular consumption of alcohol can also affect your baby if you are trying to conceive.

Living as healthy as possible will not only help you get pregnant, it will also help you have a healthy baby.


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