By the 12th week of pregnancy, the fetus becomes more active and the organs begin to develop and take place and function.

Movement also begins to increase.

The limbs are already formed and the organs begin to mature rapidly.

Can open and close the mouth

Although it is not yet possible to determine gender by ultrasound,

This is the moment when the wonders of nature truly begin to become apparent to us as we look at what babies can do.

Moreover, this is usually the crucial time to tell everyone that you are pregnant. Even if you haven’t told them yet, people will soon find out that you’re pregnant!


The most reassuring symptom is that the nausea starts to go away. The reason is hormonal factors, especially those related to HCG. These are the same hormones found in pregnancy tests. Be careful, this hormone doesn’t go away completely. For that to happen, you usually have to wait until week 16.

Appetite is restored as an indirect result of the disappearance of so-called morning sickness . So, you can eat enough and get the nutrients you and your fetus need. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat “for two.”

It’s not yet clear if the belly has increased in size, but it’s possible to notice pregnancy even in slim mothers. At 12 weeks, the uterus begins to swell above the pelvis. But still no back pain.

Changes occur in the skin. It is soft to the touch, but increased sebaceous gland secretion can cause acne. But don’t worry. This is only a temporary phenomenon. Some red lines may appear on the chest and legs due to increased blood supply to the skin.

Ultrasound at 12 weeks of pregnancy

This is the turning point in the first trimester of pregnancy, so 12 weeks can be an ideal time for your first ultrasound. This allows you to check whether your organs are developing correctly.

In addition, it is possible to check the size and weight of the baby, as well as the presence of a nape translucency, a liquid on the nape of all fetuses.

On the other hand, measure the width of the nape of the fetus at this time. As part of the first trimester screening, this number can detect an abnormality in chromosome number (known as aneuploidy), particularly the risk of trisomy 21 or Down syndrome. This is possible thanks to the relationship between these data and other studies, including:

  • Mother’s age
  • Hormone values
  • Translucency value of the nape

Aside from noticing your baby’s first movements, the interesting part is estimating your due date. This due date is only 5% accurate.

Tips for 12 weeks pregnant

At 12 weeks pregnant, you should follow some suggested rules.

First, you must follow a healthy diet. This is because it directly affects the health of the mother and the fetus. Second, oral hygiene is important.

It’s also important to budget for baby-related expenses, and don’t forget to always wear a seat belt to avoid injury to the fetus in the event of an accident.


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