8 things you need to know about postpartum cooking

8 things you need to know about postpartum cooking

If you are a first-time mother or have recently given birth, you may have already learned a lot during pregnancy about your baby and the birthing process. However, there is not enough knowledge about postpartum care and newborn care and can often be confusing.

There is no surefire way to become a professional caregiver. The necessary knowledge only takes practice and time, as it is gained through experience. Let’s take a look at the 8 things you need to know about postpartum care and prepare well for the time to come.

Don’t miss out on the 8 things you need to know about postpartum care.

  1. Caring for a newborn baby is simple but difficult

Newborn care can be simple in theory. But when you think about how difficult it can be, it’s beyond your imagination. In particular, lack of sleep plays a very important role in physical recovery and how difficult it is to accept the identity of a mother.

  1. You need your own rhythm to recover

You will need at least 16 weeks to recover. And you probably won’t feel fully recovered after a year. It’s very common, so don’t worry about slow recovery.

First of all, you won’t be able to fall asleep properly and it will hurt when you stand up and sit down. You will bleed heavily and feel weak. Breast milk is always flowing and showering can be a pain.

Let’s be generous with ourselves. The mother raised and gave birth to the baby in her womb for the past nine months. Therefore , enough time is needed to get her back to her place .

  1. Babies need recovery too

It was not an easy process for a baby, so it takes time to recover. Be understanding when your baby cries and is anxious. Like mothers, babies need recovery from the birth process, and babies need to adjust to their new life.

  1. Go with someone to the treatment

When sleep deprivation, hormonal effects, and everything is just new, making an appointment in the hospital can seem like a daunting task. So, ask your spouse, mother, sister or close friend to accompany you.

It will help you ask questions you never thought you should ask and remember what your doctor has asked you to do during your treatment.

  1. There are many people around to help.

One thing you experience during pregnancy and postpartum is that there are always people coming to you with love and support. You will be surprised how many people come to say hello without asking for anything in return. You may have already experienced it in your life, or you may have noticed how difficult it can be.

If someone raises your hand, hold it. Not only is it helpful for recovery, but it is also good for peace of mind. And maybe one day you will be able to help them.

  1. Let’s feel joy in trivial achievements

One of the most important things in the postpartum period is the celebration of small achievements and gratitude for the brief moments that give them such joy and happiness.

At first, you may want to do the simple things in life, such as trimming your nails or writing a thank you card and quietly drinking tea. Over time, you may become more daring, such as meeting friends and relatives for lunch, going for a walk with the baby, or going to the supermarket.

Be proud of yourself and praise your progress. Don’t miss the opportunity to have dinner at the table again as before, and go out for a while. Because it’s getting better!

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Experts have a wealth of relevant knowledge. Breastfeeding specialists sleep consultants, pelvic physiotherapists, postpartum midwives, and more are available to help you at your own pace.

But asking for help also means asking the mother to come and take care of the baby or brings a diaper to a friend so you can take a nap. And, of course, never forget to seek support for postpartum anxiety or depression . This is crucial and will make a huge difference to your recovery.

  1. Everything Passes By

everything passes And it gets easier and better. One day you will be able to sleep properly and breastfeeding (if you are breastfeeding) becomes a simple task. Newborns become cuter, smiling, and lovable babies.

Being a new mother can seem like a long, endless tunnel with no light at the end. But don’t worry. You will soon find your way.

On the other hand, you will rediscover yourself and find the cutest baby in the world. In the end , we reach true motherhood . And you will be proud of the discovery of the warrior mother, who had been sleeping for a long time within.


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